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Season Two

Chapter 11: A New Beginning

     Reece's Introduction
     Reece goes to Korhal to dropoff ore shipment
     Zerg and Rebel attack
     Meet Bane(Zergling form)
     Escape from the falling compound
     Reece is injured by a zergling

Chapter 12: Hero's Awakening

     Bane carries Reece to the city
     Bane is killed by marines upon arrival
     Reece is imprisoned
     Bane reincarnates (Hydralisk Form)
     Bane meets Mich's Faction; Boss(Mich), T.J., Joe, Mosely
     Bane and faction free Reece
     Bane fights zerg ambush while the others escape

Chapter 13: The Anomaly

     Rakeem and his student Templar, (Teilon, San'Dreale, Dair'sar) Rescue Bane
     Reece explores the faction ship
     Bane and the Templar return to Rakeem's ship, the Kalimar
     Bane convinces the Templar to follow the faction ship
     The Templar stop by a nearby ice planet, allowing Bane to hunt
     Bane encounters the Anomaly (Charlie's spirit, but doesn't recognize it as

Chapter 14: Revelations

     Mich's faction leaves their primary station(the Mark II) on business
     Reece repairs remaining damaged dropship
     Bane departs the Kalimar to search Tarsonis for Reece
     Reece leaves the Mark II for a liesure trip to Tarsonis
     Bane crash-lands on Tarsonis, destroying Rakeem's shuttle
     The Zerg swarm arrive from warp space and attack
     Bane finds Reece
     Bane discovers Charlie's grave stone
     Bane is killed by the zerg
     Bane reincarnates (Mutalisk Form) and saves Reece
     Reece falls

Chapter 15: Escape from Tarsonis

     Bane catches Reece
     Wraiths chase Bane and Reece
     Bane crashes
     Night falls, Bane dies
     Bane reincarnates (Hydralisk Form)
     Bane is found by Tarsonis defenders and imprisoned
     Reece explores the canyon
     Mich and crew free Bane
     Mutalisks chase Bane and crew
     Crew crashes and is picked up by Kip (Pilot of Mark II)
     Crew picks up Reece from Canyon
     Crew joins Rakeem at the Kalimar
     The Anomaly leads Reece to Bane

Chapter 16: Fate's Intervention

     Rakeem forgives Mich and crew
     Reece teaches Bane to read
     Bane and crew commandeer abandoned battle cruiser (Now the Mark III)
     The Kalimar is found and attacked by Dramier
     The crew return to the Kalimar to help
     Bane is forced to transform into a Lurker to drive off Dramier's forces
     Bane is left behind as the remaining Templar (San' Dreale), Reece and crew
          ...escape the doomed Kalimar

Chapter 17: Return of the Hero

     Eight years have passed since the events of the previous chapter
     Reece battles small zerg infestation as a member of Mich's mercenaries
     Reece's recap
     Reece accepts the task of escorting the informant (Caryn)
     Rebel faction assaults Reece
     Reece and informant escape
     Reece is awoken in the dead of night by the Anomaly in time to accept an
          ...emergency call from a common patron
     Reece discovers a hunter killer as the cause of the trouble
     Reece and hunter killer battle, Reece wins
     Reece discovers hunter killer is Bane

Chapter 18: Tribulations

     Reece, Bane and crew go to the Farside Diner for 'breakfast with the beast'
     Reece's recurring dream
     Ellison faction's surprise attack
     Bane and Maggie face off, Maggie wins
     Reece, Bane and crew assault the rebel command post
     Caryn's return, meets Bane
     Trip to Kip's for supplies
     Turncoat at the Hiemdall Defense Core

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