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Having a little trouble with the Campaigns? Is frustration setting in? Then the Hive's very own, hand-written walkthroughs are here to help. Use them with caution: I highly recommend that you at least attempt the said troublesome scenario a few times before you read these walkthroughs. But, if any particular scenario always seems to get the best of you, feel free to use these walkthroughs liberally.

     The Terran Missions                                                      

Mission 1: Wasteland
This mission is Elementary. Simply send your units on an attack route to the bottom middle of the map. This route will take you across raynor and the base. Once there, harvest the minerals you'll need to build a barracks and the ten marines the mission requires for victory. There isn't even an enemy base established on the map, and the stray zerglings don't pose much of a threat to your marines-Piece o' cake.

Mission 2: Backwater Station
This mission is like practice for the noobies. Just start out gathering minerals with about 6 SCV's and probably one for gas, you won't be needing alot of vespene resources for this mission. Once you have the minerals, build about eight marines and send them on an attack route to the upper-left corner of the map. There is another base there you can take control of as well as the mineral resources there. There won't be any zerg attacks so you don't have to worry about defense. Get all the upgrades available to you(there are very few) and build a dozen marines and another dozen firebats. Now, send these units on an attack route to the upper-right corner of the map. a small amount of microw management can save you a couple troops but it's not nessessary for victory. Once you destroy the infested command center, you win. Yet another piece of cake.

Mission 3: Desprate Alliance
Although it is possible to mount an offensive on the zerg base, this is just a defensive mission. You have only to survive until the evacuation ships arrive. start by making all your SCV's gather minerals and build as many new ones that your starting minerals will allow. Once you have a dozen or more on minerals and three on gas, set about building bunkers packed tightly together to repel the zerg forces. fill them with marines ( for hydralisks) and a few firebats (for the zerglings). Also, encircle your base with Missle turrets to keep out those pesky mutalisks. have a couple SCV's around each bunker site  to keep things from burning down when the zerg offensives get tough. I recommend at least four bunkers at each entrance to keep the zerg at bay. Just remember to keep up with your upgrades and supply depos, and don't forget to put out bunker fires when they start. Just hunker down and keep making marines and you'll make it out of this one without breaking a sweat.

Mission 4: The Jacobs Installation
This is a non-building mission, meaning you only have your starting units to work with, so caution is advised. I don't recommend the use of stim packs in this mission unless you come across an extreme condition. keep Raynor in front of the pack because he can take more damage and he also dishes it out alittle better. Just remeber: don't let him die or your mission is over. keep your troops together and attack enmasse' to kill the enemies quickly. dont let any one troop attack the enemy alone. Stepping on beacons will open doors and some of them even teleport you to a different parts of the map. If you get lost, simply look on our minimap for an area that you havn't explored yet. Once you make it to the supercomputer, run raynor up to the beacon to claim victory.

Mission 5: Revolution
In this map, you must protect both Raynor and kerrigan. Also you must help the local Antigans overrun their nearby confederate restraints. You start in the top left corner with raynor and a few marines. Move your units south and you'll come across Kerrigan. After a quick conversation between Raynor and Kerrigan, continue moving until you come across a marine and three missle turrets. Destroy them as Kerigan suggests, then move along until you come acorss a vulture and a wraith. After you destroy them both, seperate your marines from the rest of the group and send them east and attack the first missle turret you come across. Only attack the turret and, as soon as its destroyed, make your marines fall back to Raynor and Kerrigan. Then, with the detective power of the missile turrets out of the picture, cloak kerrigan and send her up to the beacon just inside the Antigan base. Once there, the Anitigan bunkers will wax the confederate defenses, and you can now start building your base as usual. Keep Kerrigan and Raynor somewhere out of the way; you don't want them getting caught up in a fire fight. Remember to keep your bunkers stocked with marines and dent-free, and you'll have no trouble from the confederates. they will try to fly in wraiths from the south so encircle the southern shores of your property with missle turrets. They will eventually try a sneak attack from the north via the small elevated cliff next to your starport as well, but a carefully placed bunker  or two will plug that gap. Once your base is secure, begin the upgrades and buildings you will need for a larger army. It helps to build a new command center to the south at the mineral expansion next to your barracks. Don't forget to complete your tech tree and get all the armor and weapon upgrades for your troops. To take out the confederate base, you will need 12 wraiths with cloaking abiltiy, and at least 4 dropships(I recommend 6 or 7, just for good measure) full of marines and firebats. Load your dropships and cloak your wraiths. Next, use your cloaked wraiths to attack the bottom right corner, where the confederate expansion is, and destroy the refinery there. Then move your air fleet East to level the command center. Have them hold position there and bring in your dropships. Once the Marines and firebats are unloaded, send all these troops to an attack point at the bottom left of the screen, and that's it. The said forces will sweep the confederate base clean off the map without much trouble. As soon as the last confederate building falls, you win.

Mission 6: Norad II
You'll begin this mission with Raynor and a few marines, complete with one SCV in the bottom middle map area. select them all and attack your way west until you run into your base. Repair the enginering bay just enough to stop it from burning and put your marines in the bunkers already set around your base. As for the Norad II, all you can do right now is put your marines and scvs into the bunkers. Dont let one of the units by Norad II wander away or it will trigger a tital wave of zerg that will ultimately spell disaster for the downed ship. Back at your base, set the SCVs to gather minerals and build your economy up. About 3 on gas and 3 for every two mineral pieces should do it. Don't forget your upgrades: armor weapon and the other upgrades available to you at this point are all very important. Set up defenders or a bunker above your refinery because the enemy will send a pack of zerglings in from the north to kill your hard-working gatherers fairly early in the game. Bulk up your perimeter to keep the zerg at bay with some extra bunkers and remember to keep a close eye on the Norad II. When it comes under attack, pop the scvs out to repair any damage, and when your done put them back inside so they'll be protected.
From this point, you can win one of two ways.
     The easiest way is to just chop a short path to the norad II. For this, you'll need some marines and a couple goliaths' help. Move your troops as close as possible to the the eastern cliff next to your base. Then use your comsat station to scanner sweep the cliff area so your marines can shoot the first of the spore colonies. You may have to sweep more than once. When it dies, use a dropship to lift the same troops over the cliff and simply clear out all the remaining spore colonies. when this is done, make a test run to the norad II, just incase you missed something. When you are sure the coast is clear, send raynor and the two dropships to the beacon and you win.
     But if you prefer whipping the zerg off the map, I suggest this alternative. You'll need the mineral and gas exspansion above your base so make haste to take control of these resources. Use a perimeter of missile turrets and bunkers to protect your new investment. Once the resources are flowing in, begin building goliaths. Upgrade all the weapon and armor aspects of your army and, once you have 5 or 6 control groups of these units, just launch the groups enmasse' at the zerg base to the north using the area attack method. Some micro management goes a long way when it comes to killing sunken colonies. The base itself is relatively easy to destroy, as long as you watch your troops closely. Just make sure to make a clear path to Norad II while you're at it or your dropships may get toasted by a hidden spore colony.

Mission 7: The Trump Card

You start this mission with Kerrigan next to a starport and a science facility. Immediately move the buildings and all the units around them into your base in the bottom left hand corner because they'll come under attack just seconds into the game. The supply depos on the right side of your base will come under fire by a siege tank. Theres nothing you can do to save it so bring the marines around them into your base as well. Now that all your troops and buildings are tucked safely away in your main base, begin your economy. Build a bunker or two at each of the northern bridges at your base. Have the science vessel handy because they will come under attack by a cloaked wraith shortly. Research the siege ability for your tanks and the distance upgrade for your marines, this will help with defense. All together, two bunkers and a matching group of sieged-up tanks at each entrance should keep the enemy at bay. Make a ring of missle turrets to keep cloaked wraiths at out of your hair. Once you have your main base securely up and running, you will need those minerals that were near your late supply depos; a couple of wraiths is all you need to retake them. Fortify the east side of your new base with a at least three bunkers, some siege tanks and a missle turret for detection-from this point, this is the area that the enemy will attack the hardest. Build a small turret system around this base as well, because the Confederates will continually test your air defenses. For the assualt on the enemy base, build a dozen siege tanks and a matching set of marines and wraiths. It also helps to have a science vessel to boot. Move your tanks and marines outside the bunker line of your exspansion. As soon as enemy buildings and units come into sight, siege your tanks and keep your marines and wraiths by them for support. The siege tanks fire will quickly decemate any advancing ground troops as well as all of the buildings in their range. When you run out of targets for your siege tanks, unsiege them and move up until you're into some fresh enemy territory and resiege them. You can whipe the entire confederate base off the map with this manuever, termed the "Siege Tank Push-Remember this tactic for future missions. Once you have cleared the beacon and the surrounding area of hostiles, send the SCV carrying the psi disruptor to the beacon to claim victory.

Mission 8: The Big Push
You start this mission on a cramp little stub of a platform with your buildings hovering. Collect your troops and scvs into the dropships and have the wraiths and General Duke move northwest to clear out any hostiles gaurding your new minerals. Next, land your buildings next to the addons to set claim to them. Begin your economy as ussual and hurry to get the siege tank's upgrade-you'll need it. Build a defensive line of bunkers and turrets to block off the ramp leading to your base; a few siege tanks also help. Build some missle turrets next to your left mineral patch, because the enemy will send a couple wraiths in a few minutes. After this, continue to fortify your base as ussual. Research the ghost's upgrades and arm your nuclear silos. In this mission, nukes are king. Most of the enemy infrastructure is comprised of small groups of tightly packed buildings-perfect targets for such a weapon. You will need more minerals than what you start with, and the base just outside your ramp will serve nicely. I suggest nuking your way deep into the base and blowing it up from the inside out. Once you have devastated the defenses, send in some wraiths and siege tanks to mop up the remaining buildings and troops(if any). Build a couple bunkers and turrets with siege tank support around the base to protect your new investment while you wait on the contstruction of your new command center there. From here its just a matter of patiently nuking your enemy to death. Just remember to use scanner sweeps to reveal a few hidden missle turrets that can spot your cloaked ghosts. Also, the confederate defenses here are tight, so keep your own front line up to par at all times. After the eastern terran base is leveled with nuclear fire, move in with your siege tanks and wraiths to mop up whats left. After the main base falls, you have only a few nagging missle turrets and a couple dotted starports to deal with before the mission ends. When the last structure topples, you win.

Mission 9: New Gettysberg
You start this mission with a modest base next to a zerg base. You cannot affectively attack the zerg because if even one building falls, you lose the scenario. All you can do is build to protect yourself is build a wall of bunkers to hold off the zerg offensives. On the other side, Build more bunkers with siege tank support to hold off the protoss. The zealots are surprizingly strong, but a bunker full of firebats is more than they can handle, so keep some in reserve just in case. You'll need to take the minerals southwest of your base so get moving as soon as possible. Defend this position with the usual net of bunkers and turrets. Once you are tucked in nice and cozey with your new minerals, you can win this mission a couple of ways.
     The easiest way is to nuke the Protoss into the stone-age, then move in with support forces to clean up what isn't smoldering. This nuke and clean tactic works well in this mission as well as the last one.
     You could engage the Protoss with a bloody ground based battle, but, with zealots, this is not recommended unless you have plenty of support forces to bail your tanks out when they get into trouble. Another way is to build up a large force of battlecruisers(about 10 or 12) to overpower the Protoss from the skies. Any way you choose, make sure to upgrade your units to the fullest, the Protoss are formidable enemies. When you destroy the last Protoss structure, victory is yours.

Mission 10: The Hammer Falls
This is the last Terran mission, and it is the hardest one, as to be expected. Start this mission by building up your economy, then start your bunker defenses. After long, you will need siege tank support. Also, the enemy likes to nuke your bunkers frequently, so have a science vessel handy as soon as possible. Build plenty of missle turrets to help fend off battlecruisers and wraiths. Once you are satisfied with your defenses, you can begin the assualt on the enemy. The closest Terran base is behind a winding elevated platform. Only a few marines guard this platform, so you'll only need minimal troops to take it. Wether you decide to use nukes against the Terrans or a slow assualt with siege tanks and support forces, the choice is yours. Just beware of enemy ghosts that will cloak and come to lockdown your siege tanks. Remember to keep your defenses up and have some units in reserve because the Terrans in this mission will mercilessly attack every expansion you make. The counter attacks in this mission are particularly nasty.
If you find that you're running low on minerals, there is a new expansion in the central map area. I've found that the red terrans are the easiest to attack. After they fall build a new base to collect thier minerals. Dont hesitate to attack the white base to the east after you take this base, the White terrans will mount a huge counter attack if you wait too long, attacking them early sets them back on thier heals. Once both bases are rubble, build battle crusiers with yamato cannons to take out the Missle turrets sorrounding the Ion cannon. When the front line of turrets is gone, either air lift in some ground support or continue a slow assualt with battlecrusiers. When the Ion Cannon is destroyed, you win.

     The Zerg Missions                                                         

Mission 1: Among the Ruins
This is a giant step down in difficulty from the last terran mission, but you're lerning a new race so it is appropriate. This map is as easy as they come. The Enemy ussually never attacks with more than four or five units at once. Just build a dozen hydralisks with all thier upgrades and attack the terran base from the south. Thats all there is to it.
Mission 2: Eggression
You start this mission with an established base. Begin your economy as ussual and build up masses of upgraded hydralisks. From here you either destroy the protoss base to the left side of the map or just blaze a trail to the beacon in the southern portion of the map.Whichever way you choose, remember to attack the Protoss in mass number. The protoss are much stronger than the zerg, so outnumbering them is a priority. Once you bring the drone with the chrysalis to the beacon, you win.

Mission 3: The New Dominion
Start this mission by building up your economy. Build a couple colonies around the Chrysalis to protect it. Then build a dozen hydros and send them north to the
mineral exspansion and clear the area of hostiles. Next build a new hatchery there for the minerals. The terrans will continually try to send squads of marines and firebats with siege tank support down the left side of this base. Sunken colonies arent very affective here because of the siege tanks. What I found that works the most is to take a dozen or so hydros and send them down the ramp next to your new vespine gyser. Bunch them up where the terrans ussually siege thier tanks and burrow them. The terrans will walk right into a trap when they try to attack your new base. Collect all your upgrades, including your overlords transport ability. You don't have to use air units to win this scenerio, but it helps. When you have a few dozen hydralisks and some mutalisks, air lift the hydros across the canyon to the right because seige tanks out of your reach gaurd the northen pass out of your base. Once at the Terran base, attack aggresively with your hydra-mutalisk team. The terrans use siege tanks to great affect in this mission, so don't skimp on air support. If it seems you're getting pummeled by the tank fire, fall back to the terrans extra minerals and gather them for a while to beef up your attack force. By the time most of the Terran buildings are gone, General Duke calls his forces back and you win.

Mission 4: Agent Of the Swarm
You start this mission with a nicely established base in the upper left corner of the map area. There is a small mineral exspansion just north of your base. You are on an island, so if you can keep hydralisks at the edges of the cliffs it will prevent the Terrans from dropping bunches of marines and siege tanks on your base. Begin you economy as usual; exspanding to the northern mineral spot early will help speed production up a little. Put a few Sunken Colonies around your extractor; most of the enemy attacks start here. Now just hunker down and build up a force of hydralisks, upgraded overlords for transportation, and about 8 or 10 mutalisks. Getting all of your upgrades is a must. If you need more minerals, there is a small island southeast of your base that has a new gyser and some minerals. Fortify this base with a few spore colonies and you'll have no trouble from the drop-happy terrans. After the time limit runs out, your mission objective changes to destroying Raynor's command center. To do this, you'll need about 3 dozens hydralisks at the least to blast your way through the terran defenses. Once you have all your upgrades and a few mutalisks for air support, send your mutalisks to the southern most cliff of Raynors base and destroy the missile turrets gaurding the area. Then, when the air ways are safe, bring in the overlords to drop off the 3 dozen hydralisks. Set them all to an attack route to the top right corner, where Raynors command center is located. A little micromanagment with your mutalisks helps here. Send them ahead of your hydralisks to take out the siege tanks, they are the biggest threat to your hydralisks. Once you destroy (or infest) Raynors command center, you win.

Mission 5: The Amerigo
There no way to explain how do this mission step by step, there are just too many twisting corridors and enemies for anyone to remember; but I'll give you a few hits that'll help you achieve victory. You start with two hunter killers, and Kerrigan. Kerrigan is your most powerfull fighter, and her spells and cloaking ability are your ticket to victory in this mission. Whenever possible, cloak Kerrigan and kill as many marines and firebats as you can without a fight. The less troops you have to fight with your hunter killers, the better. At one point, you can get some zergling reinforcements, you have only to kill the marines gaurding them, and hit the beacon to open thier cell door. Also, there is a trap for Kerrigan and if you get caught in it, dont panic. Just cloak and stay out of range of the floor guns and pick the marines off one by one. Once the marines  are dead, Kerrigan can single handedly take out the floor guns. There is a teleporter beacon at the end of the base that takes Kerrigan to the Super Computer. Take Kerrigan to the Super Computer beacon and you win.

Mission 6: The Dark Templar
Start by building up a strong economy, and build a little sunken defense at the southern ramps into your base. Keep a few Mutalisks on guard here because the Protoss will frequentely send reavers to take out your sunken colonies from afar. Take the Mineral exspansion just east of your base and Begin building Hydralisks and get all thier upgrades. Once you have a large army, (about 5 or 6 dozen hydralisks) send them on an attack route to the bottom right of the screen. Keep some overlords around to spot for cloaked units while your hydralisks fight. Once you have reached the end of your attack point, re-assign one that will take your hydralisks through the rest of the protoss base. Reinforce your troops as the battle rages on and you should have no problem taking out the protoss base. If you need more minerals, there is a lightly fortified expansion on the elevated cliff below your base. Once you destoy most of the protoss structures, Kerrigan gets fed up and challenges Tassadar to a Duel to the death in the central map location. Send her there alone(dont worry, she'll destroy the enemy without breaking a sweat) and she defeats a fake Tassadar. A brief conversation between Kerrigan and Tassadar ensues, then you are awarded your victory.

Mission 7: The Culling
Since the Dark Templar have destroyed zasz, the Garm brood are now leaderless and are an enemy that must be eliminated. Send your starting troops on an attack route to the zerg base directly above your starting position. Once the small enemy base has been leveled, make a hatchery and begin your economy as usual. Have your troops ready because the enemy will send a light offensive in response to your base theft. Once you have a few new hydralisks and some sunken colonies for defense, send about two dozen hydralisk to wipe out the bases to your left, because you'll need thier mineral resources. Once the enemy base has been cleared, build new hatcheries and start economy there as well. Get all the upgrades for your hydralisks and begin building a huge force much like the one used in the last mission. Once your force has grown to your satisfaction, send them on an attack route north with overlords to spot for burrowed defilers. A defiler can turn a battle ugly with its powerfull plague, so kill them as soon as they come into sight. If Hydralisks dont appeal to you, mix some zerglings and air units in for a little variety. Once you destroy the last Garm brood structure, you win.

Mission 8: Eye for an Eye
You start this mission with nicely estabished base in the top right corner with a series of nydas canals in position around the map. It is very important that you keep and overlord and troops at each beacon, because if even one Dark Templar escapes, it will cost you victory. Once you have the minerals, make a hatchery at each mineral exspansion close to each of your nydas canals. This will help rake in the minerals you'll need to take out the Protoss. Keep defenses tight at the beacons, and get all the upgrades for your hydralisks, and the ones for your air units if you are planning to use them. Build up a force of about 8 or 9 dozen hydralisks to take out the protoss base. Some gaurdian support helps but its not nessesary. Destroy the protoss bases one at a time using your hydralisks enmasse'. Watch out for the High templar with thier psionic storms. They can take out dozens of hydralisks without a fight, and thats a tough trade. Just use attack points to sweep the entire protoss presence off the map. Once the last structure falls, victory is yours.

Mission 9: The Invasion Of Aiur
This is perhaps the hardest zerg mission in the game. There are enough powerfull protoss units in this map to blast the stuffing out of even a fully loaded hydralisk army. This is the only mission where I do not recommend a completely hydralisk force-there are just too many reavers. Instead, concentrate more on air units for this mission. Begin your economy as usual. Beware because the protoss will send troops in from the south and east of your base early, so have a fire fighting force ready to back up your static defenses. There is an exspansion to the far right of your base, but it is defended by a few dragoons and a reaver, so have a force ready when you want to expand. Keep defenses and a Nydas canal at every base because the Protoss will mercilessly attack every exspansion you make. The Protoss will try to starve you to death in this mission so dont waste any time. Build up a force of gaurdians with some hydralisks support to gun down the protoss from afar. Gaurdians are very affective in this mission because the protoss lack a strong air defense. Pound your way to the Khaydarin Crystal and build a base there to help collect minerals. Bring a drone to the beacon and a countdown timer will start.The Protoss will launch everything they've got at you from this point, so be sure to have your units upgraded to the fullest. When the timer runs out a drone will appear carrying the crystal. Get him back to the beacon in your base and you win.

Mission 10: Full Circle
This mission is more fun than it is difficult. Get a huge force of drones active gathering minerals and gas from the vespense gysher above your base. The Protoss will launch occassional attacks from the north and west of your base, but its nothing a dozen or two hydralisks can't handle. There is a nice exspansion just left of your position and I recommend you take it early. Once you have a large force of upgraded hydralisks, destroy the protoss bases left and right of your base. Then gather gas and minerals from each expansion. The Ghysers may be depleted, but every little bits helps speed up production. If you find that gas is coming up very short, there is an extra gyser just north of the cliff on your eastern expansion. Simply build another mighty force of 120 hydralisks and send them on an attack route to the temple, or to the top end of the map if you want to do some terminal damage to the protoss forces in the area. Zerglings are also a choice unit for backup in this mission; thier speed and numbers can help bring down the Protoss structures in record time. Once the temple is destroyed, send the drone with the crystal to the temple ruins and victory is yours.

     The Protoss Missions                                                    

Mission 1: First Strike
You start this mission with a few zealots and dragoons. Send them all on an attack route to the bottom left map area. They will battle thier way to your base on thier own. Once you arrive there, pull fenix back from the front lines and begin building probes. Use the same number of probes as you have been using drones and SCV's in the last missions. The first building you'll need is a pylon for that underpowered gateway, and then a forge so you can build photon cannons for defense. Make 6 or 7 cannons near the entrance of your base, and have a couple around your mineral fields, because the zerg will send in overlords and Mutalisks here. Once you secure the area with cannons, begin your upgrades. Once you have all the available upgrades, build a force of a dozen zealots and a dozen dragoons to wipe out the zerg base. The zerg base is located just north of your position, above a ramp and a lightly gaurded mineral patch. The minerals are there for the taking if you seem to be running low. Just be sure to bring a few zealots with your probe, the patch is gaurded by zerglings. Once you destroy the last zerg structure, you win.
Mission 2: Into The Flames
You'll start this mission with a small base. Take the troops you already have and send them just north of your minerals-there are some burrowed zerglings there that would love to pop up and attack your Probes when you're not looking. Once that is finished, start building up your fleet of probes. Build a forge and a photon cannon defense early to save you minerals from replacing zealots. About 6 or 7 cannons at the ramp, and a couple along the cliffs should do it. Begin your upgrades and, if you need more minerals, there is a new mineral patch on the elevated ground just south of your position. Once you have all your upgrades, build about 20 zealots and a dozen dragoons. By this time, Fenix should be in position. Make sure that the reavers he came with have a full stock of scarabs. Then move fenix out of the group, and send those troops along with the others you made on an attack route to the bottom right corner. Once you have killed the cerebrate, you win.
Mission 3: Higher Ground
Begin your economy, and start building a net of photon cannons around the perimeter of your base. Begin getting your upgrades and build 6 zealots to take the mineral exspansion in the in the bottom left corner. Establish a base there complete with photon cannon defenses. Once you have the money flowing in, start building a large fleet of zealots and dragoons. Create about 30 zealots and 20 dragoons and send them on an attack route to either the top right corner or to the middle left map area. There are bases at both of these positions, and which one you attack is your choice. If you are low on minerals it may be wiser to attack the one in the middle left map area. This way you can harvest the remaining minerals at thier base and, if thats not enough, there is a large exspansion at the top of the map. When you destroy both bases, victory is yours.
Mission 4: The Hunt For Tassadar
You start this mission with a tiny force in the bottom of the map.Tassadar is just diagonal to your position. Group your troops into two groups: One contains all your fighting units, the other is just your high templar. Send your high templar out in front and use his Psionic storm whenever zerg forces appear. Keep using him until he ends up getting killed by the zerg forces. By this time you should be halfway to Tassadar. Use the rest of your forces enmasse' to hack your way to Tassadar's location. If it looks like you may lose the battle, try to run by the enemy to Tassadar's base, there is some protection there. When you make it to tassadars base, begin your economy as usual. Build a defensive network of cannons, but don't overdo it-you are limited on minerals in this mission. You have enough minerals to build a defensive network and get all of your upgrades. Since minerals are more scarce than gas in this mission, building high templars are very cost effective when you merge them to become an archon. Use all your remaining minerals to build an assualt force of dragoons, zealots and archons to hack your way back to the beacon. Make sure you include some dragoons or some archons to fight off the air attackers. Be careful and lead tassadar and raynor behind your attack force. When Tassadar and Raynor reach the beacon alive, you win.

Mission 5: Choosing Sides
In this mission, you start with a small base on an island. Begin your economy as and build a forge early for cannon defense. Once you have a forge and some cannons set around the southern cliffs, build some to plug off your ramp leading into your base. Then, move a probe outside and claim the mineral expansion just north of your starting position. Once both of these bases are in place and secure, hunker down and collect the resources and upgrades you'll need to make your next move. Build a force of 5 or 6 scouts and a few shuttles full of mixed units and a probe. Move this force just past your south eastern cliff and you'll run into a small zerg inhabited island. Use the scouts to distract the spore colonies until your shuttles can move in and deposit more effective troops into the battle. Clear the area and set up a base there, complete with cannon defenses. Keep a scout or two handy at your base, the zerg will eventually send some gaurdians to kill your pesky cannons. Finish collecting your resources and build about 8 scouts, 6 dropships, 15 or 20 zealots, a couple dragoons and a horde of archons. Use your new island base as a staging area for your attacks. Once again, send your scouts in first to distract the cannons and drop off the archons and then go back for the rest. This force should easily be able to crush the zerg defenses. Be careful-if you destroy one of the Terrans already broken-down buildings, you'll have a fleet of wraiths and a battlecrusier attacking your base in no time. There is a burrowed infested terran by the beacon so watch for him as well. When you are positive that the area is clear of hostiles, send in Tassadar and two zealots to the beacon and that's that.

Mission 6: Into the Darkness
Look for Terran marines to the right and left of your starting posistion, they are very important in this mission. Without them, you will be doomed to failure. Lead with the expendable Marines because the area is crawling with infested terrans. Use Halucinations to explore far ahead and to destract the enemy forces when you attack. Use the Psionic storm whenever the opportunity presents itself-just be carefull that you dont fry half your own troops in the process. Near the last beacon, there are four floor mounted guns. Use your remaining forces to take them out or tassadar's psionic storm can do the job. Take tassadar into the locked cell far enough and zeratul and his brethren will appear, and you win.
Mission 7: Homeland
You begin this mission under attack and while it looks like you may win, pull your forces back into your base anyway. Re-enforce your photon cannons and begin building a force of dragoons, reavers and zealots. There are Protoss bases on either side of this map but the one on the south side of the map is the target. Send your units in dropships around these bases to the left side of the back base. Pound your way to the enemy Nexus and destroy it, or move your attacking troops straight to the Nexus and target it directly. Dropships full of Reavers and dragoons serve well for this purpose.
Mission 8: The Trial of Tassadar
Begin your economy and set up your usual net of photon cannons for defense. For this mission, you will be focusing primarily on air units. Once you have a very large air force with upgrades, send them all straight to tassadars cell--watch out for the protoss bases to the left and right, you don't want them to join the party--and pound it with everything youve got. The enemy will try to put your army in stasis fields, so spread your units out some. You have only to destroy that one building and your mission is a success.
Mission 9: Shadow Hunters
Build two Nexuses in the area along the bottom of the map and fortify the main entrance and the cliffs with photo cannons. Set claim to the mineral exspansion on the northeastern cliff above your base, you'll need them later. Have and extra force of defenders ready to back up your stationary defenses-you'll need them as the zerg offensives in this mission can get nasty. Build a solid air fleet of 24 carriers, complete with 8 interceptors and level 3 armor and attack. This will take a while but the upgrades make your attack much more affective, and one army will be able to sweep the map clean. Send these units on an attack route to the top left or right corner. Bring an observer and an arbiter along to complement your force. This should be enough to wipe nearly 2/3's of the zerg base off the map-depending on how much the zerg use plague on you. If you have to, build another force of carriers and finish off the Zerg. When the way is clear, carefully send Zeratul to attack the cerebrates. When you destroy both cerebrate with zeratul, you win.
Mission 10: Eye of the Storm
You have two bases in this mission, so fortify both of them early. The terran base is much more prone to attack so keep a close eye on it. Most of the zerg attacks will be focused on the Terran base-always have a solid line of siege tanks and bunkers backed with wraiths to take out the guardians. Take the mineral exspansions around both starting bases and your game may differ some from here. You can build up a strong nuclear arsenal and use the nukes to pound your way to the overmind and destroy it. Or you can use a combination of Battlecruisers, siege tanks, Carriers, zealots and dragoons to assualt the heavily fortified zerg bases. If it comes that you are terribly low on gas, there are four extra gyshers in the northeast corner of the map. This is the games greatest challenge, so it make take several trys to actually subdue the Overmind. Once you finally topple the bubbling monstrosity, victory is yours.

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