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Tried and True Single Player Tips

Campaign Tips

  • Build plenty of Gatherers. The more you have the faster you can build a force and attack.
  • Its ok to build some static defeneses, but dont over do it. Units are much more versitile than buildings.
  • Try to build extra supply depos/pylons/overlords before your psi limit runs out. That way, you can build troops continually.
  • Always send some form of detection with your troops. It sucks to see a whole army destroyed by an enemy they cant even see.
  • Its always best to try and out number your enemy, it makes destroying them alot less stress-inducing.
  • Micro-management can save your troops lives
  • Obtain extra mineral expansion early, even if it looks like you dont need them right away, you'll miss them when you dont have them.
  • Building to much static defense is a bad thing, but dont skimp on them; a few sunken colonies can save you the exspense of replacing troops lost in defending your base.
  • When fighting the zerg, keep a few air units handy, they could send some gaurdians to destroy your static defenses.
  • Beware of long distance ground units like siege tanks and reavers.
  • Use optical flares on detector units so they'll never detect anything again.
  • Try to upgrade your units before sending them into battle, the advanced armor and weapons will help your troops in the long run.
  • If you're losing a war of attrition, try to hole up in your base and make the enenmy use its remaining resources trying to kill you, and when they are out of money and units, launch a surprize attack.
  • Use the defilers palgue whenever the enemy defenses seem formidable.
  • The Emp Shockwave is an effective weapon against the protoss.
  • Always have some kind of mobile detection when fighting the terrans, a nuclear bomb can cost you a bundle.
  • Archons are invulnerable to spider mines, mines dont work on hovering units.
  • Always keep a few troops in reserve when attacking the enemy, it suks to break off a succesfull attack to save your own base.
  • Save often- If you're at a good point in your game save it. You just might make a big mistake and cost yourself the battle. If you saved it earlier you can go back to before you got yourself into this mess and do things a little differrently.


The Siege Tank Push
The siege tank, the terrans most awesome ground based attack, can be used to affectively level buildings and oncoming enemy troops alike. When used in combination with support troops, they're nearly unstoppable. Move your tanks to a spot where theyre just out of range to regular static defenses and siege them. Move a group or two of marines with medics in by your tanks and have them hold position. A couple battlecruisers or wraiths can help support your troops. The sieged up tanks will pummel defenses, and the marines and other support troops will smoke enemy troops that come after your tanks. Keep a couple SCV's handy and you might not even lose a unit. Once your tanks start running out of targets, move four or five tanks from the back of the pack to the front. This leapfrogs your troops deep into enemy territory. Repair damaged vehicles and troops quickly to increase thier odds of surviving should the enemy suddenly retaliate.
The Gaurdian Push
The Gaurdian push works much the same way as the Tank push, with a few differences. Since the gaurdians are in the air, it would be wise to have loads of anti air protection. A large group of hydralisks, or a load of devourers will work well, but its more expensive. Just hang back with the gaurdians and defend them when they come under attack and the gaurdians will do much of the destruction needs by itself.
You can play defensively as the terrans and just hide out in your base and bomb the enemy to death. Use the bulk of your Psi to create defenses like bunkers and siege tanks and some wraiths and valkalries for air support. Then save a small amount, around 50 to 60 psi to arm your nuclear silos with. Then Move your upgraded ghosts to the outskirts of the enemy base and bomb the defensive network. Once the detection and defenses are down, move your ghosts deep into the base and nuke it to death from the inside out. This tactic works well against the comp because of its bad lack of common sense, but humans are ussually another case. This tactic is almost useless against a skilled zerg player with thier multiple spare overlords flying around. But it is alot of fun in any case. I wouldnt recommend this tactic if you're more into front line action than small scale, stealth attacks.
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