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Is that expansion set expanding your temper? Having a little trouble from those shiny, new lurkers, Corsairs and devourers? If thats the case, then browse through the Hive's hand-written walkthroughs for a few hints. But beware: Try the mission a few times before you read these walkthroughs. But, if you're still coming to the same conclusions, read on.

     The Protoss Campaign                                                  

Mission 1: Escape from Auir
You begin this one with a potent little force of zealots, a couple dragoons and Zeratul. The key to this mission is micromanagment. Send the bulk of your forces to take out the immeadiate threats, and send Zeratul to kill the Nydas canals. At one point you will run into a zealot that encourages you to follow him into battle. Do it and you'll run into a group of zealots engaging the zerg. send zeratul ahead of everyone and destroy the nydas canals quickly, otherwise you'll fight a neverending battle. By this point you should have more troops than you started with. Move on and you'll eventually reach a Protoss base with a sheild battery and a few reinforcements. Send these guys on an attack route to the warp gate and micro manage them as you go. Keep zeratul out of the fire until your close to the base. From then just run him up to the warp gate to claim victory.

Mission 2: Dunes Of Shakuras
You start this mission with 4 zealots and a matching set of probes. Send them all on an attack route to the top left corner, there are a couple zerglings along the way but your zealots will handle business. Build a nexus and a couple pylons once you reach your minerals. About the time your nexus finishes warping in you'll come under attack by a zerg force, but dont panic-a few dark templar show up to save the day. Continue building up a work force of probes and build a forge for some cannon defense. Build about 6 or 7 cannons at your bases ramp-most of the zerg attacks come here. One or two along the cliffs by the gyser helps keep the mutalisks away. Eventually, the zerg may send some troops to attack you from the northeastern opening to your base, plug this off as well. Build a force of zealots and a couple dragoons and move them to the bridge south of your base. Attack the sunken  colonies around the opening and continue pushing southwest and you'll come across a new mineral patch. You'll need these minerals, so go ahead and start a base there. Build plenty of defense here-the zerg will relentlessly attack this spot the entire mission.Once you have a large force of zealots, dragoons, even a few archons and reavers will help, move them east and you'll run into the zerg base. There is a small elevated platform that you must navigate before entering the base so make sure your troops don't get bottled up here. Move in agressively and attack the main base as one group. Once you have destroyed the last zerg structure, you win.

Mission 3: Legend of the Xel' Naga
You begin this mission with an established encampment, and not even a few seconds into the game Zeratul interupts you and brings you to a scene where a couple corsairs cast disruption web over some spore colonies and drop off some dragoons. Use the dragoons to kill the sunken colony first, then they can safely engage the spore colonies without being attacked. Once this area is clear, bring those troops into your base and begin your economy. Build some cannons at your base entrance and build a bunch along the western cliff of your base to keep overlords from dropping new troops into your base. Now take a few troops north and claim that mineral exspansion you saw earlier. Fortify this with cannons at the cliffs too and you'll keep the zerg from attacking you inevitably. From here, finish out your upgrades and build a large attack force of zealots, archons, dragoons and of course, dark templar. Also, you will need some shuttles, and an air force to distract the spore colonies. You can use either scouts to move in and attack the colonies or you can use the corsairs shiny new disruption web to stop them all together. Whichever way you choose, both are equally effective. With the air defenses distracted, drop your large army into the base and attack as a group. Once you destroy the cerebrates using the dark templars, this mission is yours.

Mission 4: Quest for Uraj
In this mission you are flown dead into the middle of a Terran base. Use your enitial force of dragoons and reavers to clear out the enemy and a shuttle will soon arrive with kerrigan and some probes. Set up and Nexus and start your economy first. Make sure you kill the terran bunker just out of your sight by the ramp. Build some cannons for defense, and load up your reavers with fresh scarabs. Use the reavers to kill the Bunkers outside of your base. Once the bunkers are dead, bring the reavers back and send in cloaked kerrigan. Send her dead into the middle of the base and destroy the siege tank there. As soon as you attack, the terrans will use a scanner sweep to locate kerrigan, so as soon as you kill that pesky siege tank get her outta there. You can now effectively use your dragoons and reavers to level the terran base, now that the siege tank is gone. Build some defenses and a Nexus here early and begin harvesting from both mineral spots. The Terrans will attack the southern side of your new base and the ramp to the right of your starting minerals, so have the appropraite defenses waiting. Finish your upgrades and build up a force of zealots and dragoons. You can use other forces with them, but it won't take alot of military muscle to break the terran defenses. If you are running low on minerals, there is another terran base you can take claim to just east of your second base. Once you have a force ready, attack the ramp leading into the terran base aggressively; target the siege tanks first and then the bunker. Once you break this stronghold with its tanks and bunkers, you'll have no trouble sweeping over the rest of the map, clearing the area of the terran menace. Once you bring kerrigan to the Uraj crystal, which is in the bottom right corner, victory is yours.

Mission 5: The Battle of Braxis
This mission is difficult for the unpatient, you must kill one power generator at a time. Against the first generator, use your forces to kill the bunkers enmasse', the terrans will generally attack one unit at a time, so when any one unit begins to feel the heat, move him out so the shields can recover. Next, use your shuttles to transfer your troops to the next platform. With your templar reinforcements, attack the bunkers undetected. Next send a scout or two to kill the siege tank up ahead. Then use your troops enmasse' again to kill the last two bunkers. Continue to use the dark templars cloaking ability and your ground troops enmasse' to chip away at the terran defenses for the final power generators. Try to keep every troop you get alive for the final assualt on the last generator-it is heavily gaurded. When you destroy the last generator, victory is yours.

Mission 6: Return to Char
You get to control two armies in this mission, but you have only one vespene gyser to work with. Begin gathering minerals post haste, and start building up a cannon defense quickly. Dont neglect your zerg base, make sure it has plenty of sunken colonies defending the southern half of it. Once you are ready to expand, there is an undefended clump of minerals south of your zerg base, and there is a zerg base left of your initial protoss base that houses the minerals you'll need for victory. Send an overlord or an observer with your troops when you move in to take this exspansion because lurkers gaurd this area. Use either zerg or protoss units to destroy the small base left of you and begin your own base there. Collect all your upgrades and build a force of hydralisks, zealots, carriers, and dragoons to assualt the overmind. Surpizingly, there are only is a only a small zerg army gaurding the overmind, with the exception of a few lurkers. Attack enmasse' and, once the overmind falls, you can claim the Khalis for victory.

Mission 7: The Insurgent
Begin this mission by building up your economy and cannon defenes. Have some extra zealots ready to back up your cannons because some of the Protoss attacks can get alittle rough. Build an attack force of zealots and take one of the mineral exspansions north or west of your base, either one will do. Collect the air upgrades and the shields as well and build a large force of scouts. Once you have about two dozen, sneak them around the cannon defenses in the middle of the map and fly them straight to the middle Aldaris. Push through the defenses and out over the platform and most the defenders won't be able to reach you. As soon as you kill Aldaris, this mission is toast.

Mission 8: Countdown
Start this one by building up your economy(how many times have I said this?) and yet another huge cannon defense network. Secure the area around the temple with reavers and other mixed forces. Start a base at the temple and build defenses all around it. When you have a solid grid of cannons, and fleets of zealots, dragoons, reavers, and scouts(for the guardians), move Zeratul and Artanis to the beacon to start the countdown. Make sure you have plenty of defenders ready and more on the way because the zerg offensives will be severe from this point. Once the timer reaches 0, you have completed the Protoss campaign of broodwar, and its off to the Terran campaign. Congradulations, Preator, victory is yours.

     The Terran Campaign                                                    

Mission 1: First Strike
You start this mission without a gysher to use, so just begin making new SCV's to round out your mineral supply. Send one of the tanks you start with to the east of your base. Keep him above the Barracks and the marines and firebats there or it'll get toasted. Keep moving north east and you'll run into Duran's base. After a lenghty conversation, Duran and his troops (most importantly, his vespene gysher) become yours to command. Build some bunkers north and south of your starting base and some turrets along the fozen pond next to it. Build some bunkers at the back and front entrances to Durans base as well. Some Sieged up tanks can double the bunkers' effectivness. Collect your upgrades and build a force of a dozen siege tanks, and matching groups of marines, firebats, and goliaths. Use them to whipe out the small encampment between your base and durans. From here you can attack the terran base in two ways: One you can take Durans advice and attack the base from the back door by slowly advancing with siege tanks and support units, or you can pound your way right in the front door (I prefer the later, myself). Just remember to use your comsat station's scanner sweep to reveal the pile of spider mines gaurding the entrance. Either way you use to do it, when the command center falls, victory is yours.

Mission 2: The Dylarian Shipyard
In this mission, the use of your medics and ghosts are key. Use the ghosts to lockdown any nearby science vessels and then blind them with your medics. After all the detection abilties are nullified, use your cloaked ghosts to slowly take everything out. When you finnally have all the battle cruisers, group them together and use thier yamato cannons on the enemy battlecruisers. When you run out of energy, use them all against one battle cruiser at a time to kill them quickly. When you steal all the battlecruisers and destroy the last enemy battlecruiser, you win.

Mission 3: Ruins of Tarsonis
This mission can be difficult if you have trouble building and exsapanding quickly. Start by begining your economy. Build a net of Bunkers around your base. Get the siege tank upgrade quickly to improve your defenses. Build a second command center in the small mineral patch behind your base-this is a relatively safe location so you wont need much to defend it. To take out the First hive, build about 6 siege tanks with medic and marine support and move them left of your base, along the cliff gaurding the zerg base. You should be able to see the hives location because it was revealed earlier. Move the tanks close and siege them with the marines close by for support. Scanner sweep the cliff and have your tanks attack the hive. It may take more than one sweep, but when the hive falls the Zerg in the base become dormant. For the second hive, move this same group to the right of your base and up the ramp to the cliff next to the 2nd hive. Use the same method here and crush the second hive. Now you have set the zerg back on thier heels because half of thier support is gone. If you need to, clear yourself a nice spot and commandeer the minerals from one or both of these bases. To take out the third hive, build a dozen wraiths and sendthem northwest straight to the hive. There is virtually no air defense here and your wraiths can attack the hive in complete saftey. The last hive has a balanced ground and air force, so you have to use a slow assualt with siege tanks with marine and wraith support. Watch out for spore colonies and Gaurdians in this last hive. When all four hives are gone, send Duran up to the psi disruptor in the top middle portion of the map to claim victory.

Mission 4: Assualt on Korhal
In this mission, the enemies biggest offensive weapon is lockdown. Build up your basic economy and defensive perimeter, but build some extra medics with the restoration ability to nullify the Ghosts lockdown ability that the enemy will use frequently to disrupt your siege tanks. There is a mineral exspansion north of your base-take advantage of this quickly. Once you have all your new property secure, Begin making the nessecities for a strong nuclear arsenal. Send a ghost in to nuke the defenses nearest your target-wether it be the Nuclear silos or the physics labs. Both of these locations lay on the outskirts of the bases, so this makes them easy targets for nukes. There may be a line of bunkers and turrets before you get to them, but just nuke them out of your way so you can get close enough for a shot on the silos or labs. One properly aimed nuke can take out all of one kind at once, or at least push them into the red zone so they'll burn down on their own. As soon as either the Nuclear silos or Physics labs fall, you win.

Mission 5: Emperor's Fall
This tactic works well with both Ground zero and Birds of War. The only difference is the way you start and the way u defend your base.
Starting and Defense
Ground Zero:
Start by immeadiatly lifting off your buildings and moving them to the cliffs west of your base. Dont worry about your outlying supply depos-they're toast no matter what you do. After all the nukes have hit, move your buildings back in and begin your economy as usual. When defending your base, use siege tanks and bunkers and, of course, missle turrets to detect and destroy the ghosts attemping to nuke you to death. Have the comsat station ready to support your turrets. Expand to the minerals north of your base and defend it the same way.
Birds of war:
Start by gathering while the battlecruiser annihilate your outlying supplies. Just Before the battlecrusiers arrive at your main base, you'll recieve some goliaths and some ghosts. Lockdown the battlecrusiers and take them out one at a time with your goliaths. When defending your base, don't skimp on the anti air defenses. A battlecruiser will shred a lone missle turret without breaking a sweat so bulk things up a bit. Having ghosts standing by can work to a great affect. Expand to the minerals north of your base and defend the same way.
This is the same with birds of war and ground zero
Build up a strong nuclear arsenal, and simply nuke your way into the base, all the way to Mengsk's command center. Otherwise a slow assualt with siege tanks and support units will work, but be prepared to spend massive amounts of resources constantly reinforcing your attackers. Also, the enemy ghosts will go out of thier way to lockdown your tanks and other mechanical troops, so have medics handy, as well as science vessels to detect the cloaked units.
When Mengsk's command center falls, victory is yours...again.

Mission 6: Emperor's Flight
Your start this mission with a little pre-scripted action as some valkalrie frigates move in and punish superior number of zerg mutalisks, then dropships drop off some siege tanks that level the buildings as your own fly in. Set the buildings down and start by having four of your scvs build a supply depo a piece, and then start your economy and defenses as usual. Once your base is up and running smoothly, there are two ways to beat this mission as well: One with siege tanks and support units, which is much less effective against the Protoss, or you can simply hunker down in the safety of your base again and nuke the aliens back to the stone-age. In this case, I'd prefer fighting like a true Terran warrior; sitting back in my captains chair behind the safety of siege tanks and bunkers pressing a big, red button to subdue my enemies. Simply bulk up your defenses with siege tanks, bunkers and valkalries, and build some nuclear silos. Move to the expansion north west of your base and use an emp shockwave on the protoss buildins there and then nuke them. This will kill everything there in one blast. Move in and take over this exspansion with siege tanks and marines in bunkers. Always have some valkalries on standby because the zerg will often send mutalisks to haras your siege tanks. From here, just build some extra silos and ghosts and patiently nuke a path through the protoss defenses and launch two nukes at once at Raynors command center. Use scanner sweep to check for observers and photon cannons. Once you crush Raynors command center, you win.
Mission 7: Patriots Blood
This is a most entertaining mission with plenty of scripted action, and marines telling jokes. To win while you're at it, just keep your marines packed tightly together with the medics close by. Then you'll have no problem finding all the beacons and waxing enemies along the way to Stukov. Once there, it is revealed that Duran is a traitor and the Psi disruptor becomes overrun with zerg. There comes a point when you'll get the opportunity to blast some zerglings with floor mounted guns. Simply move a marine in range of the door to open it and run back as soon as it opens. The zerglings will run after the marine right into the range of the FMG's. Watch out for infested terrans and keep your medics close. When you reach the room with the Override terminal, simply run any unit up to the beacon to claim victory.

Mission 8: To Chain the Beast
Immeadiatly begin your economy and fortify the perimeters of your base. You need siege tanks and you need em' fast so get cracking! You will need the minerals next to your bunkers that come under attack by an invinsible sunken colony, so move the marines from the bunkers and move them back out of the range of the colony. Once you are sure your perimeter is secure, build a command center in your main base and float it over to the minerals. Build up a force of siege tanks, marines and firebats to gaurd your new investment. Make sure you have several bunkers and tanks here because the zerg Touresque can do astounding amounts of damage by itself. Build a couple of starports and a science facility complete with a couple armories. Start cranking out battlecruisers while the rest of your troops gaurd your base from the multiple zerg attacks. Get the yamato gun upgrade, the energy upgrade and the upgrades for the armor and weapons. Scanner sweep a path to the north west of your base and youll see that most of the map is clear to ground units all the way to the cerebrate. With this in mind, set your group of 12 battlecruisers to yamato the cerebrate. Its defenses will start to hurt your cruisers but the enemies will fall nuetral once the cerebrate is dead, so you shouldn't lose a single ship to the two spore colonies and the stray hydralisks wandering around the base. Once that is done, you are able to freely kill the sunken colonies around your base. Next Build up a force of a dozen siege tanks to complement your battlecrusier force. Move this team slowly up the valley toward the northeast. The cerebrate lies deep within the zerg base so you will hafta pound your way to it with a slow siege tank push with your BC's as air cover. The BC's will reveal spore colonies hidden on the ridges and your tanks can mutilate them from afar. Once you come within visual range of the cerebrate, yamato it or kill it with siege tank fire to silence the zerg forces it commands there. Once that is done you are home free. Use scanner sweeps to reveal a clear path to the north east of the cerebrate you just killed. Only a few lone spore colonies gaurd the ridge by the next cerebrate. Fly your BC's across to the thinest part of the zerg defenses and make your move. You may loose a BC or two en route to the cerebrate, but three yamato cannons is all it will take to wipe out this last beast. With the last cerebrate dead, you are free to cruise right in with a dropship full of medics and complete the mission. Congradulations, commander, you have completed the Terran campaign. Now all that remains is the zerg campaign.

     The Zerg Campaign                                                       

Mission 1: Vile Disruption
You start this mission with a small group of zerglings and hydralisks. The location of each hive is outlined on the map. Move your troops on an attack route to the closest hive. By the time you reach it, it will come under attack. Move a unit to the Hive and you'll get some helpfull zergling reinforcements. Once that hive is secure, move to the hive east of your position. Use your new units and liberate this hive from the renegades. Then move in and liberate the hive below that one as well. When you do, you'll get some scourge. Group them and move them south west and defeat the gaurdians attacking a sunken colony. Beware of gaurdians waiting in ambush along the way to hive 4. After liberating hive 4, move quickly to hive 5 because it comes under heavy attack. After this you'll gain control of 4 queens, ready thier spawn broodling ability as a few ultralisks attack the next hive. The sixth hive comes under attack by mutalisks as well, so use your remaining hunter killers to kill them enmasse'. When you have liberated this hive, locate the nydas canal there and send any remaining units through. Once on the other side run straight to the main hive in this base and you'll gain a host of new units to command. The battle here will be long but it should turn out in your favor. When you have liberated all 7 hives from destruction, you win.

Mission 2: Reign of Fire
This mission starts with a little scripted action as Raynor's Raiders detroy the psi disruptor's primary generator. Then you gain control of  an SCV. Bring the SCV next to any zerg unit and you'll gain control of it. Grab the drones and zergling in your immediate area, and the hunter killers down the ramp. Use the drones to make a new hatchery and begin your economy. Build a new hatchery and a spawning pool and a hydro den. A couple sunken colonies at the entrance of your base helps, you may also need a couple spore colonies along the right cliff of your base. Build up a force of a dozen hydros and grab that SCV to tow behind them. Move north from your base and you'll run into some devouring ones-get these because they help alot in the next part. Move further north and you will run into a bunker backed up by a siege tank. Send the lings straight for the tank and let the hydros take care of the bunker. Just beyond this is a mineral expansion waiting just for you. Close to this base is the awsome Torrasque. Keep this unit aside-its important for the battle ahead. Take this quickly and begin gathering resources and collecting your upgrades. If you need more minerals there are additional exspansions in the middle right area of the map and another one in the top left corner. Build a wave of hydralisks and group them together. The enemy base is in the top right portion of the map. Then when your ready to attack, send in that beefed up ultralisk in first and take out the siege tanks. This unit is so strong that it can kill both guarding siege tanks and leave the base alive. When these tanks are no longer a threat, send in the hydro wave. With the tanks gone, the hydralisks will crush the meager humans without breaking a sweat. When u destroy the psi disruptor, victory is yours.

Mission 6: Fury of The Swarm

This mission starts with your outlying bases coming under attack There’s nothing you can do to save any one of them, so just concentrate on your central base. Build up a force of drones quickly and begin building hydralisks for protection. The enemy will frequently try to drop troops on the west side of your island, so have some sunken defenses and standing forces ready to intercept them. When you have a dozen extra hydralisks and the transport upgrade for the overlords, send them to the southeastern cliff and secure the mineral expansion there. Build a Nydas Canal to connect them and begin building yet another hydro force. When you have your large army, send them on an attack route to the southwest corner of the map and destroy the zerg base there, Then send them north through the defenseless Terran base and assassinate the Terran scientists. Once you kill the last Scientist, the UED loose control of the broods in this sector and victory is yours.

Mission 7: Drawing of the Web

Start your economy and build some sunken defenses early. Keep an overlord handy to spot for dark templar and start your force of hydros to take control of the mineral expansions north and south of your base. With all three resource areas flowing in, bulk up your hydralisk army to the fullest and send them to clear off the beacons one by one. After each beacon is clear, send Duran to it quickly because as soon as your forces no longer occupy the beacon, the Protoss will re-fortify it with new troops. Use the hydros to clear the way for Duran all the way around the Protoss base and you'll have no problem keeping Duran alive. Once Duran has set charges to all the beacons, the Protoss base explodes and you win.

Mission 8: To Slay The Beast

Start your economy and begin fortifying the area immediately. Build a large force of hydralisks to take out the bases next to yours and the one above you. When these bases are destroyed, Occupy the mineral expansions and HEAVILY fortify them. The terran and zerg teamwork in this mission is incredible, and used against you very lethally. When you get the chance, build a couple spires and begin upgrading your air units. Launch dozens of Gaurdians and Devourers at the terran/zerg bases. Only attack in extreme force, any meager attack will only result in terrific failure and a massive retaliation. This is the most difficult Zerg mission of the game and it may take you more than two or three tries to finally subdue the Overmind. Just keep pushing forward with your guardians and devourers and you'll eventually wear down the enemy defenses. Keep a close eye on your minerals and be ready to expand because the cost of replacing several dozen dead guardians is staggering. ALWAYS keep a large standing force at your base because the enemy is known to send a large surprise attack when you least expect it, especially against your irreplaceable Protoss gateway and its tech buildings. Combined groups of siege tanks, guardians, medics, marines, firebats, goliaths, hydralisks and defilers are a constant threat. Persistently attack the bases and you'll eventually destroy all the defenses. When the base is, at long last, reduced to rubble, send in some dark templar to finish off the Overmind. Have some overlords on standby because the overmind itself is heavily defended with lurkers. Once the beast is slain, victory is yours.

Mission 9: The Reckoning

Immediately begin your economy and send all your forces to attack the Terran base south of you. Level the base quickly, you need those minerals and gas badly. Begin building an attack force of hydralisks, a few guardians and some zerglings for good measure. Once your have a force of about 4 or 5 dozens hydro, and send them all to attack the Protoss base from the front entrance. The guardians are your most important mission here; use them to single out reavers and high templar-the biggest threat to your ground forces. It is advisable to attack with at least 4 or 5 minutes left on the clock, otherwise you will run out of time and Zeratul will escape. Once you have destroyed every Protoss structure within the time limit, you win.

Note: If you can destroy the base with 5 minutes or more left on the clock, you'll activate the secret mission.

Mission 10: Omega

Begin building economy and sunken defenses quickly and create a standing force to support your static defenses. Your starting base has a large mineral supply, so, once your property is secure, build up the usual hydro force backed with upgraded zerglings and attack the Protoss base south of you, they pose the biggest threat to you later in the game. Then create and fortify a base there as well. Build yet another force of hydralisks and launch them at the UED base to the northeast. This base has mostly air defenses and they are not properly equipped to handle a strong ground attack. Once The UED base is destroyed, claim one of the mineral resources left over and create a pair of spires. Upgrade these to greater spires and build a force of guardians and devourers. Use these on the Terran base north west of your starting base. Because of the heavy ground defenses here, only air units are recommended for this engagement. Have some devourers ready because Mengsk still commands multiple wraiths and science vessels that can easily disrupt your attacks. Once you destroy enough of each base to make each species submit, the final campaign victory is yours at last.

Congratulations! You have completed the Starcraft Broodwar Campaign.

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