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The Numbers and counters for every unit.

Every unit in starcraft has a set number of hit points, shields, and energy (if applicable). Also, every unit has a counter unit that is most effective in defeating it. Here I'll list both the counters and numbers for every unit. Read-on.

Zerg Units

The Zergling:
Hit points: 35
Cost:50 Minerals for a pair
Counters: Air units are by far the best counter for zerglings because they cannot attack an air unit. If air units aren't available, use splash damaging units such as siege tanks, reavers, and lurkers to take them out by the dozens. Other melee attackers, like zealots and firebats, can also cut through zergling waves. Using zerglings against zerglings is only affective if you have more numbers than your opponent, or if your units have many more upgrades than the enemy.


The Hydralisk:
Hit points:80
Cost: 75 minerals, 25 vespene
Counters: The hydralisk is best countered with either splash damaging enemies or large numbers of melee attackers. Air units are surprizingly unaffective against them, unless they are cloaked in the absence of a detector unit. When fighting off large groups of hydros, try to get them to a choke point so you wont be facing the brute force of thier shier numbers.


The Drone:
Hit points:40
Counters: Most anything will work to take out a drone-even the weakest of units have no trouble killing a drone. If you are having trouble fighting back a group of drones you may need more practice, alot more practice.

The infested Terran:
Hit points:60
Cost:100 minerals 50 Vespene
Counters: The Infested Terran is best killed before it reaches its target. Air Units are most affective for stopping these Kamakaze soldiers. If air units are not available, a large group of ranged attackers may be able to stop them before they can do any serious damage. Melee attackers dont work on infested terrans.


The Lurker:
Hit Points: 125
Armor: 1
Cost: 50 minerals 100 vespene
Counters: Air units are the best counter for lurkers. Anytime you attack lurkers, you will need a detector unit, unless you find them above ground. Otherwise, Ranged attackers and splash damaging units are most affective for taking out these powerful units. Just make sure to have adequate cloak protection or your attackers will die in vain.


The Defiler:
Hit Points:80
Armor: 1
Cost:50 minerals, 150 vespene
Counters: The defiler is a spell casting unit, so you wont see much front line action from it. But if your base is being barraged by plagues, the one shot killers are most affective. Use yamato cannons, spawn broodlings, or mind control to quickly kill these unit because the enemy will probably move the exspensive unit out of the heat once its business there is done. The defilers best defense is burrowing, so keep some detector units with your defiler-hunting squad.


The Ultralisk:
Hit Points:400
Armor:1 (3 when upgraded with plating)
Cost: 200 minerals, 200 vespene
Counters: The ultralisk is best dealt with from the air. If air units arent available, you'll need some high power ground units to toast this foe quickly. Reavers, siege tanks, and lurkers and large groups of melee or ranged attackers works well on these mammoths.


The Mutalisk:
Hit Points: 120
Costs: 100 minerals, 100 vespene
Counters: The best counter for Mutalisks is large numbers of ranged attackers such as hydralisks, marines, or dragoons. The powerfull air-only attackers like Valkalries, corsairs, and devourers work as well. A mutalisk may seem intimidating, but thier low armor and weak attack makes them surprizingly easy to kill.


The Gaurdian:
Hit Points:150
Armor: 2
cost: 50 minerals, 100 vespene
Counters: Air Units are the number one counter for gaurdians because of thier lack of an air attack. Ground units will work against gaurdians, but because of the gaurdians high attack power, this idea is risky. If you must use ranged attackers against gaurdians, try to outnumber them.


The Devourer:
Hit Points:250
Armor: 2
Cost: 100 Minerals, 50 vespene
Counters: Ground units are most affective agaisnst devourers. Use marines, hydralisks, or dragoons to take out these menaces of the sky. Air units get eaten alive against devourers, so if you must use air units, outnumbering the devourers may be your only chance. Valkalries and Corsairs are the best attackers from the air.


The Scourge:
Hit Points:25
Cost: 25 minerals, 75 vespene for a pair
Counters: Ground units are good for countering a swarm of scourge. If you must use air units on them, use small units like wraiths, scout, or valkalries to take them out. Capitol ships are particularly unaffective against them.


The Queen:
Hit Points:120
Cost: 100 minerals, 100 vespene
Counters: Queens are almost harmless, with the exception of thier annoying spells. Air units and ground units alike work to chase this unit down. But because of the queens high air speed, it usually gets away before you can even target it.

Terran Units

The Marine:
Hit Points:40
Cost: 50 minerals
Counters: Melee attackers work well against marines, and splash damaging units are even more devastating on them. Air units are less affective unless capitol ships are used.

The Firebat:
Hit Points: 50
Cost:50 Minerals, 25 Vespene
Counters: Air units are the best counter for a firebat squad. Ranged attackers work well if used in large numbers.

The Ghost:
Hit Points:45
Cost:25 minerals, 75 vespene
Counters: The ghost is a very weak attacker, so you wont have to much trouble defeating one. Biological Units work best against them because a ghost will often lockdown a mechanical unit attacking them. Keep a detector unit around in case the enemy ghost decides that the heat is too much and trys to cloak.

Hit Points:60
Cost: 50 Minerals
Counters: The SCV is no problem to kill, even if all you have is a pair of broodlings. If you are unable to counter an SCV attack, i reccomend that you immeadiatly visit the Training pages of this site.

The Vulture:
Hit Points:80
Cost: 75 minerals
Counters: Counter vulture attacks with air units. If air units aren't handy, use ranged attackers to deal with these speed demons.

The Goliath:
Hit points:125
Cost: 100 minerals, 50 Vespene
Counters: Melee attackers are the best bet against goliaths. Outnumber the goliaths and they will become too confused to target a single unit and they ussually wont fire. Goliaths specialize in taking out air units, so i wouldnt recommend using air units against them. If you must use air units, use capitol ships to reduce the casualties.

Siege Tank:
Hit Points:150
Cost: 150 Minerals, 100 vespene
Counters: Air units work best against siege tanks. If you must use ground units on them, use quick melee attackers to get inside the siege tanks' minimal range, if it is in siege mode. If it is in tank mode, Ranged attackers work well against them.

Science Vessel:
Hit Points:200
Cost: 100 Minerals, 225 vespene
Counters: Any unit will suffice to kill a science vessel. It is only a threat to biological units because of its Irradiate ability. Use swift attackers because the science vessel will often retreat immeadiatly after casting its spell.

The Wraith:
Hit Points: 120
Cost: 150 Minerals, 100 Vespene
Counters: Ranged Ground attackers work best against wraiths. Air units will work if you outnumber them. Goliaths are a great way to deflect a bregade of wraiths. Either way you choose, keep detector units close by to spot them when they cloak.

Valkalrie Frigate:
Hit Points:200
Cost:250 minerals, 125 vespene
Counters: Ground ranged attackers work best against these powerfull air units. Unless you outnumber them badly, you will have massive losses if you attack them with air units.

The Battlecruiser:
Hit Points:500
Cost: 400 Minerals, 350 Vespene
Counters: Because battlecruisers are the terrans most awesome weapon, outnumbering them is a must. Ground or air attacks work equally well, just remember to outnumber them to minise casualties.

The Protoss Units


The Probe:
Hit Points: 20
Armor: 0
Cost: 50 minerals
Counters: If you have read this far, then you know what i have to say if you have trouble killing a few measly probes.


The Zealot:
Hit Points:100
Shields: 60
Cost: 100 Minerals
Counters: Air units are best used to pick off these annoying melee attackers. If Ground units must be used, Use ranged attackers or splash damaging units to take them out from afar.


The Dragoon:
Hit Points:100
Shields: 80
Cost: 125 minerals, 50 vespene
Armor: 1
Counters: Swarms of melee attackers work best against this slow firing unit. If melee attackers arent available, use powerful splash damaging units to take them out.


The Dark Templar:
Hit Points:80
Shields: 40
Cost:125 minerals, 100 vespene
Counters: Air units work best against these units, but if they are unavailable, ranged attackers or splash damagers do well. Just remember that without the help of a detector unit, dark templars will be invisible to your troops.


The High Templar:
Hit Points:40
Cost: 50 minerals, 150 vespene
Armor: 1
Counters: Any unit will work to kill a high templar. watch out for thier psionic storm and thats all you have to worry about. The high templar is kind slow so you wont need speedy units to chase it down.


The Archon:
Hit Points: 10
Cost:2 high templar
Counters: It is best to out number this absordly powerful unit. Because it causes splash damage, try to spread your attackers out a little. The Acrhon is invulnerable to spider mines because they are a hovering unit.


The Dark Archon:
Hit Points:25
Sheilds: 200
Cost: two dark templar
Armor: 1
Counters: The dark archon is almost harmless as is all the other spell casters. Any unit will work to attack a lone dark archon. Worker units (SCVs, drones, probes) are not recommended to kill one because of the potential danger it represents to your war effort. If the dark archon captures one of your workers with mind control, the enemy could use an entire new army against you.


The Reaver:
Cost: 200 minerals, 100 vespene
Health Points: 100
Shields: 80
Armor: 0
Counters: Air units are best used to counter these deadly ground units. But if ground units are all you have, send them at the reaver enmasse to kill it off. melee attackers work just a good as ranged attackers against a reaver-no matter what unit you use the reaver could probably kill it and a bunch of its friends in one shot. So be carefull and spread you units out a little to keep them all from being killed by one scarab.


The Observer:
Hit Points:40
Armor: 0
Costs: 25 minerals, 75 vespene
Counters: The best counter for a recon-happy protoss player is a net of photon cannons, spore colonies, and missle turrets. The probe will probably fly out of range of them, but at least your weapons is all the enemy can see.


The Scout:
Hit Points:150
Costs: 275 minerals, 125 vespene
Counters: A good ground force is the best counter for a mass of scouts. the scout specializes in air to air combat with its high powered anit-matter missles, so using air units on them is risky. Keep a squad of marines, dragoons, or hydralisks around to keep scouts at bay. If you must use air units, use the more affective air only attackers because of thier more potent attack ability.


The Corsair:
Hit Points:100
Shields: 80
Costs:150 minerals, 100 vespene
Counters: Ground units are most affective against these units because corsairs cannot attack ground units. If you must use air units, capitol ships work best against these units.


The Carrier:
Hit Points:300
Shields: 150
Armor: 4
Costs: 350 minerals, 250 vespene(not counting the interceptors you must build for each one)
Counters: for the zerg, scourge are an excellent counter for carriers. Other wise large numbers of ranged attackers such as marines, dragoons, or hydralisks will work to gun these mammoth machines from the sky. Smaller air units, like scouts and wraiths, or even devourers and corsairs will work to bring down a carrier. Just remember to outnumber the carrier and attack just the carrier-if you waste your time trying to kill the interceptors you may see the end of your army from just one carrier.


The Arbiter:
Hit Points: 200
Shields: 150
Costs:100 minerals, 350 vespene
Armor: 1
Counters: The protoss arbiter presents more of a problem than your average spell caster. Since the arbiters best ability is cloaking all nearby units, having adequete cloak detection is key. They best counter for the arbiters cloak ability is an overlord, observer, science vessel, or even a scanner sweep could make the arbiter nearly useless. As far a killing the arbiter goes, any unit will work to bring the arbiter down once its defenders are crushed-just watch out for its special abilities.

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