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At last! My new sword has come and my updated mugshot now boasts my 14 guage steel shield and Norman combat sword :D


I may look a little different from my last mugshot, older-as most of you mortals refer to it, but don't be fooled; I am still the immortal deadfast.
The sword is made of high carbon spring steel with a full tang with polished steel crossguard. The handle itself is made of somekind of nice, grippy wood and the pommel is peened in for added durability. In case you recognize it and are wondering, yes, it is the Generation 2 model. Note that the piece is NOT a simple show sword; it splits 2x4's like its nobodies business :D


I actually recieved the shield many months ago, but what good is a combat shield without a trusty battle-ready sword to go with it? Anywhoo, the shield is, as mentioned above, made of 14 gauge steel and it has a set of simple, yet affective, leather straps on the back for use on one arm. Though some of you may recognize the design's origin, and some of you may not, it might slightly interest you that the simple shapes are stenciled on; Why spend a lot of time making something look good only to have the image destroyed the first time it is actually used? A stencil will allow me to hammer out the dents of "battle" and respray the design on, good as new, over and over again.


Here, in the bottom-less, reeking pit of America known to outsiders as South Carolina, is where I reside(temporarily. I've always vowed to leave this hole again someday). So far, I'm 19 in this realm, and when not forced to go to work, I spend my leisure time lazing around, writing Bane, going to Mafia meetings, or visiting other realms.
I first came across starcraft accidentily. My friend brought it over my house one time and left it there, where it sat for about a year until I discovered this great game. I experimented around for a while and finally found the best race for me: the zerg! As it turns out, I'm best at the fastest map possible and it's not uncommon for me to crush all 7 computers single handedly.
For ages, my computer has been plagued by a crippling virus that has prevented me from playing Starcraft online and severely hindering the function of the Clan, and The Hive in general, but, happily, this is no more. I hath finally vanquished my demon, and, with time and effort, I hope to revive Clan DMC and make the Hive a better place for Starcraft enthusiast everywhere.
On I'm known as, predictably, deadfast. I always play on the US West server, and your best bet to catch me is on the weekends anytime, though you are more likely to see me on late at night-around 10:30 Eastern time. I do play on weekdays, but earlier and less often (gimme a break-I've got first shift monday through friday).
If you have something you would like to add to the Hive, a question or if you're just plain bored, do feel free to email me at
Thanks for visiting The Hive!

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