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His Story
Author: Appleturtle

A dark templar sat in the corner, the unnoticable, invisable spy, taking information on all that surrounded him. That was his mission, to get information on the rougue tribe's base, but his replacement had arrived so it was his job now to secretly sneak a ride back to his tribe's base, wich was half a planet, infested by hondreds of zerg colonies, away. He soon found out that the rougue tribe had found his tribes base and also found a hole in the zerg net.The rougues were warping in a large fleet of carriers, scouts, and shuttles. He ruled out scouts and shuttles, they were much to risky, so he chose a newly warped in carrier for his transport. His idea was to get close to his tribes base on the carrier, sabatoge the carrier, and grab an interceptor, and get back home. Soon after sneaking on and finding a corner in a closet to hide, the fleet was prepaired to attack and left.
Not long after the fleet took off he began to doze off within the relative safty of his corner in a spare parts closet off of the main hanger. He dreamed of places that he had been, the ice mountains, the glass hills, and the diamond feilds, he dreamed back to aiur, back to his home, he felt safe and warm and content. He was suddenly awoken by the sound of an alarm and a red strobe light. He looked on a near by ship consoul, they were only half way, he woundered whats goin on. The ship violently shook again throwing tools and parts around the closet, he looked up just to see a spare shield core crash down on him....
The control room of the carrier was chaos; aparently, a zerg patrol force spotted the large fleet and a few thousand mutalisks were sent in to swarm the ships. Caught unprepaired the helpless fleet dropped rapidly from the skies as glave worms tore threw the sheilds into the heart of the vessels....
He was daised for a few seconds but soon pushed the shield core off of him and opened the door to blue flames and panicing drones. He noticed the launch door was open and the ground was fast approaching. He looked for some method of escape, all he saw was one interceptor sliding slowly out the main door. He ran and was just able to hop in as it fell. The interceptor powered up perfectly, he set the compas to his tribe's base and set the poer to full. He easily escaped the swarm in the chaos of the massacre. The zerg cerebrets report stated zero survivors.
Upon hearing of the massacre, his tribe's tassadar abandoned the planet to the swarm, but while fleeing, they met an unexpected enemy. He crash landed his interceptor when it ran out of fuel in a canyon withing walking distance to his base. Soon after begining his walk he saw the familiar glow of friendly protoss beacons, he began to sprint. Soon he saw somthing, and he stopped dead. It seemed like only a speck, but with his keen protoss eyes he clearly saw the terran bomb fall from the sky and, with a blinding flash of light, end his dreams of returning home.

He began to sprint to the burning wrecage of his tribe's base. When he reached the base he noticed somthing odd about the ruined base, there wern't any bodies, no dragoon parts, no drones, the base seemed to have been empty before the explosion. Just as he was at the peak of confusion, he heared the unfamiliar click of terran weapons. Seven terran ghosts uncloaked and began to grunt anungst themselves in their infirior tounge. He whiped out his blades but never got the chance to use them because a ghost shot him with a dart and he blacked out.
The ghosts were the second part of an expedition to colonise, starilize, and control the planet. Stage one, secure orbit and landing site, the landing site happened to be the base of a protoss force. An attack was ready when suddenly the protoss left their base into orbit when they were caought unprepaired for the terran fleet, not a scout escaped. Stage two, scout the landing site and setup a base. Stage three, enlarge base and prepare an attack force, and eradicate the planet from the infestation. A side objective was to secure specimines of as many species and classes of worriors as they can, that was why his life was saved.
He woke up in a strange glass cell, stripped of weapons, and more confused than ever. He noticed terrans looking at him, grunting to eachother in their awful language. He looked into another cell, a zergling, another, a hydrolisk, in the center of the room, a dragoon was being dismantled. A terran crane grabbed his cell and lifted him into the bay of a terran battlecruiser. He sat idley as they lifted other cells and placed them around his cell. The door large bay door closed and he felt the ship move, soon he felt the gravityless space of the non gravitised boules of the ship. He soon fell asleap.
He drempt of his battles, the dozens that have fallen to his blade, secret missions, assassinations, he most of all remembered the thrill of the kill.
"Wake" he heared,
"I didn't know they captured other protoss," he said telepathically.
"I am a terran telepath, and have studied the honorable ways of the protoss"
"Dont suck up to me, scum, you may study our ways all you wish but you will never gain our knowledge"
"Understood, and so you know, we will be disecting you for studies when we reach our destination"
"Take my body, my spirit will live on, you will not learn any secrets from this body."
"Why does your race despise us?"
"Two reasons, you ate up all your recorces so you decided we were too good for ours and chose to attack us. And two, though your races existance is as a spec of dust and ours is as a planet, you choose to believe that you can defeat us. Go away with this knowledge and leave me al-" He never finished because the ship shook violently and he was knocked unconcious on the sides of his cell.

He drempt strange dreams, all about the zerg, how they were made, why they are here, he understood them. He woke up curled up in a tiny ball in some sort of sack, he burst open the cocoon and fell on the carpet of creep.
"Hello," a voice said, "I am Kerrigan, Queen of Blades, and you have been chosen to be my king." Supprisingly, he didn't feel angry being near the leader of his life long enimies. He stood up with a new power that surged threw him. "You have been chosen to go threw the same process which I have gone threw, and you seem to be the perfect one for the job, and, you just fell in our lap when we attacked the insignificant terran transport fleet."
He looked at his arms, blades firmly attached, then turned to Kerrigan, she smiled, he smiled, then he decapitated her on the spot.
"I am the nameless King of Blades. With the knowledge of the protoss, and the might of the zerg, ALL WILL DIE, beginning with the apelike terrans."
From that he built a new army, stronger than all before. He destroyed the cerebates, his power was enough to control the infinite might of the swarm. No one saw it coming, billions of enhanced zerg ruined colony after colony of terran, all under the control of the lone dark templar.

Left for dead, captured, taunted, mutalated, king; that is his story.

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