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Here are the tales of valiant victories, humorous hell raisers, noble comebacks, and even a few stories of brave fights to the death-all submitted by the Hive staff and visitors like you! See the bottom of this page to submit your own war story.

"Just my Luck"
Author: deadfast
This is one of my unfortunate losses from years ago, but it taught me a good lesson. It started out as a free for all with me, SuicidalMenace, and Chaos on the fastest map. I started out like usual, going straight for lurkers to prevent a rush, and I built an early sunken colony. They both worked pretty good well because the rushing zealots could do no damage. So with my base secure, I built up a mountain of hatcheries, and two evolution chambers to start my upgrades. I hatched up my usual 120 hydralisk force, and sent out lings to find the enemy bases. Menace was in the top middle spot and chaos was in the bottom right. I decided that I would send 7 groups of hydros at chaos, and when they start to die make up a new 120 for menace while those were fighting. But what I didnt know was that Menace had already attacked Chaos and weakened his defenses severly. While my entire army was off fighting a pointless battle with Chaos, Menace flew his carriers around my base to the back side and took out my hydralisk den. I would have been able to stop him if half of my troops werent killed attacking Chaos, and to make things worse, he used some nearby arbiters to put half my remaining army in a stasis field! If he had overlooked my hydro den, he would have had much more fight than he bargained for, but, luck was on his side this time and he found the diamond in the rough. He wiped my defensless base off the map, but I managed to build a few hatcheries that he let live while he finished off chaos. I got one small revenge when I turned some stray burrowed hydralisks into lurkers and flew them into the back of his base with some overlords I managed to sneak away.  Menace lost his nexus and all his probes, but he had the game in the bag.

"The Back Stabber"
Author: deadfast
Genre: BS
One night, none of my friends were online, so I made a 2vs6 comps to kill the time until they get on. Someone out of the blue joined the game, downloaded the map and we started. Things went normally, we allied up and I went for lurkers for rush protection, while he went with sunken colonies. He was going to use gaurdians and I employed my usual 120 hydralisk horde. I attack straight across from me and then worked my way around, crushing computers as I go. Strangely enough, my ally wasn't attacking the comps very much; he only leveled one computer base by himself, and that was a puny Terran comp to boot. The other player finally came to assist my army as we leveled the computer base, but as soon as it was finished, his guardians suddenly began attacking my hydralisks. At this point, I realized that he was one of those Back stabbers I've heard so much about. I unallied with him and let my old hydro army do as much damage as they could, and began cranking out new ones from my base. He went for my hatcheries first but my 24 upgraded hydralisks were more than his 12-some gaurdians could handle. When that small threat was eliminated, I built up another 120. Just before I launched them, he attacked again-But that is just what I wanted. He emptied his base trying to attack me and I knew my hydros could drop his gaurdians and still have enough to attack his base. So I just went ahead and sent the dros on their way. The Hydralisks cleared the coast in front of my base and laid into his base. While they were dying, I kept building hydralisks by the dozen to send into battle. All in all I had a practically endless stream of hydralisks flowing out of my base. In the end it was a battle of production. At one point he destroyed my hydralisk den in an attemp to stop the insane number of hydralisks, but I rebuilt it faster than he could even notice it was gone. Thankfully, I had some troops in reserve to send while the den was rebuilding. Soon he started losing ground, and I was slowly wearing away at his sunken defenses. By the time his sunken defenses fell and I began pounding his hatcheries, the BSer gave up and left. I continued the game and destroyed his base anyway. What could be worse than a dirty back stabber, than a dirty wuss backstabber? They can try and kill you while your back is turned but they are afraid to fight you head-to-head, cowerdly BSer.
*His lowly screen namenow resides in the Hall of Shame

Menace Mows em Down
Submitte: deadfast
Author: deadfast
This one starts like any other ffa between 4 ppl. Menace is in the bottom right corner, and all the others are in the top middle, top right and bottom left of the map. Menace is protoss, there are two zerg, and one more toss. Menace starts out gathering more minerals for his war machine.

Menace Starts
Such a humble begining
The two zerg players form a secret alliance and they both build up for an early rush.
The cheaters build up a force of hydralisks
The other builds a force of zerglings

But menace prepares by building a fleet of gateways and a couple stalwart squads of zealots, backed by dark templars.

Menace's probe hard at work opening warp rifts
Menace uses his zealots to repel the attack

Menace uses a combination of zealots and dark templars to repel the cheaters attack. Well done, a textbook example of why you should have detectors with your attack force.

Dark Templars join the fray

Menace's dark templars make hamburger out of the would-be attackers.

Menace Comes for revenge

Menace sends his dark templar assasins and goes for both the enemy bases at once, He reaches greens base first and hydralisks mysteriously begin popping open. Green has a bad lack of detectors around, and Menace's templars ravage the base undetected.

The tide of lings fall

Meanwhile, Menace's other squad of Dark Templars begins crushing browns zergling defenses. Brown has a detector handy but without enough troops to counter the attack, his base soon begins taking damage.

Menace finishes off greens base
Nice splatter shot!

The dark templar make short work of both enemy bases.

Browns base topples just as fast

Both bases fall nearly at the same time, with the player eliminated messages following one right after the other(shown in the screenshot below)

i blew the picture up so you can see the elimination message

Menaces whipes both bases off the map at the same time. This has got to be a jaw dropper to poor orange, who is oblivious to the whole situation.

The Final Assualt

Menace begins his final assualt on the last base and finds that all orange has for detectors is a couple of photon cannons. He makes a desicive move and goes straight for the cannons.

The last cannon falls
and blue dragoon blood stains the ground

With oranges detectors gone, his dragoons die without a fight to the merciless blades of menaces dark templar. Orange soon admits defeat and gives up. Menace is victorious!

"Damn Near Defeated"
Submitte: None other than the immortal deadfast
This was originally supposed to be a free for all between me, Menace and Chaos-NR for 15 minutes. Unfortunately, Menace is forced to leave because of reasons beyond his control only 4 or 5 minutes into the game. We continued anyway as a one on one. I was in the middle left map position and chaos was in the bottom left. We are both zerg this day. I start out making my usual 120 hydralisk army and Chaos goes for guardians and devourers. Little did I know, Chaos made a very affective defense out of a dozen lurkers and 20-some hydralisks backed up by a defiler and his dark swarm-he was invulnerable to my dros. I end up getting half of the army killed by his d and the other half is spent fending off his guardians. But lukily, I had both the air and ground tech tree ready to go.
Chaos goes on the offensive for a while and sends wave after wave of guardians. It works for a while until I wise up and start packing mutalisks backed with devourers. But alas, Chaos mixes things up again with lurker and hydra drops to add to his guardian attack. I keep trying to make hyralisks on the side but this proves to be a bad idea as Chaos's superior guardians push my dros farther and farther back. Slowly but surely, Chaos thins out the hydralisks and lays into my hatcheries with the infamous guardians. He even tries building a Nydas canal in my base-which I could barely stop before the invasion of ground forces got out of control- to send mirauding bands of hydralisks into my base. With this combination of attacks, I loose two more rows of hatcheries, and finnally a third one. I was left with roughly ten hatcheries when the flow of guardians finnally stopped. Just when i thought it was safe to rebuild, here comes two dozen mutalisks. I build a dozen to match them-all i can make with the few hatcheries i had- and I spot a lone defiler by my sunken d. The game desiding attack happened when I used that defiler to cast a plague on the stacked up mutas. The corrosive plague, along with the dozen mutas of mine, were able to finnally bring the assualt to a hault. with the rest of the larvea I made drones and rebuilt most of my lost hatcheries. Chaos continued his guardian push but I went completely with air units this time and was ready with 3 dozen mutas and a pack of devourers. The guardians didnt go far, but I knew they wouldn't stop until my base was rubble; So I did something I am not proud of--I sent the three dozen mutas at his main hatchery to stop his economy. It is an very underhanded way to win, but it worked. With chaoses gas economy crippled, he couldnt create the high-end units needed to fend off my new guardians, mutas and hydralisks. He fought bravely with what he had but in the end I came out victorous. That was the closest I ever came to being defeated on a one on one match. Congrats, Chaos it was definately a win I had to earn.
Submitee: Killerdogg

This is one of my worst games ever. Well, it started out like another me gainst 3 comps. " zerg, and one terran. I was terran also. I started with my usual way to make 9 scv's and then a suply wich is folloed by a barracks and another suply. but what i didnt know was that the zcomputerzerg was very angry and one enemy sended 8 and the other 6 zerlings out to get me. When they arrived i had only one marine and 11 scv's. The zerg vaporised my forces and went straight for my barrack, I tried to stop them, but then came 12 zerlings once more. I found out that i hadnt any option than to rise high up inda air and sit there for a while. then I commanded my command center to go to the other mineral location, wich was little bit futher away. I did a diversion with my barrack to let my center go to the new location. this worked finely when on of the zerg palyer found me and the zerlings ran to my newly formed base. Then I made a few marines with my other barrack, but 3 marines ws not enough to stop all of them. So this lasted for a while when all of the comps came for me with hydras and everything. I hadnt any money and my barrack was almost destroyed. Finaly the com. enter gave up and i gad only my barrack wich had 32 life. Soon it was destroyed and i lost. It was so funny that i laughed for a wile.

Apocolypse(sa)'s War Story

Submitted by: Apocolypse(sa)

Well, it started out on fastest green map. It was me and xelenx/dion and stealth hydra and darktemplar(1), no rules. Dion and me were both Zerg, and both our opponents were Protoss. I built up to my usual 8/9 drones, made and ovvie and a pool. My objective was to get my trusty lurkers as fast as possible. I created a few lings, and scouted around, finding hydra, or black, and managed to kill a few probes. At this time, dion had about a dozen lings, and rushed black, but the attack was unsuccessful, the cause being cannons at his entrance. I had about 3 hydras and 2 lurks. Right after this, black attacked dion with 4 zealots, but were killed off. Following his attack, the long idle sat brown, attacked xelenx full force, with about a dozen zealots. xelenx was damaged badly, but I sent a few lurkers over there to help out. Sadly, black sent another dozen zealots, and my lurkers were not enough, and dion perished at the hands of blacks merciless zealots. About this time, I had about 5 hatcherys, with a large force of Hydralisks and lurkers. I put 6 lurkers into 3 ovvies, and sent them over to browns nexus, which was left middle, and burrowed them, killing all his probes and his nexus. I unburrowed them, and tried to sneak them into blacks base, who was right under brown, but unfortunately, darktemplar(1) was smart and had cannons behind his nexus. Right about now, black was maxed on zealots, and moved them all to the center of the map, poised to attack me. I moved my trusty 2 dozen lurkers to my entrance, along with my Hydralisks. Brown was still severely damaged now, having 1 probe left, and trying to recover them all. Now I started 2 more rows of 5 hatcheries. At this moment, Brown and black attacked me full force, with about 50 zealots, as I expected, but my lurkers came into play, and the Protoss blood that covered the ground of my choke point is a perfect example of why you should always have detectors with your attack force. With 3 rows of hatcheries securely in place, I began to max on Hydralisks, getting them almost fully upgraded. Brown was still hurting, but managed to get about 10 goons in his base. What it looked like is, black had gathered a large force of dragoons, and had moved them to the center. I put all my dros into control groups, and moved them all to the center, annialating the dragoons in a frenzy of (whatever the hell that blue stuff is). I moved the remaining force of Hydralisks into browns base, decimating his forces. He eventually gave in and I allied. I once again hotkeyd my dros and sent them to the middle. Then, I grabbed my defiler, and used plague on the cannons of blacks choke point, and used dark swarm in front of it as protection, and moved in. Destroying his base, I had recovered from a not so bright beginning.

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