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 The Bane Series

     Bane News                                                                                           

Hello again, dearest readers! Is it really going on nine years of Bane already? How the time flies when you write a series that doesn't end. Anywhoo, I'm sure you're all just as anxious as I am to finally have the next chapter of Bane ready for viewing, so let's get this show rolling!

It's time for that big showdown against the diabolical Dramier and the might of the Zerg. How will our heroes stop them both? With a grand season finale nearly 50 pages long, that’s how!

* * *

With the closure of our second season of Bane, I would like to take a serious moment and reflect on all that has passed since that first, ancient chapter eight years ago.

First, and definitely foremost of all, I would like to thank every single reader out there, past and present, for all the kind words of encouragement that have kept me going through these long years, through the happy times and the sad. Even when I had doubt in myself, you guys, you most awesome, righteous, noble, priceless and otherwise indispensable readers, gave me the strength and drive to go on. To these people whom I have grown to care for so greatly, please know this:

YOU ARE THE HEART. You are the spirit of Bane. Without you, the series would have never been. For all that you have given me, for making my life what it is, for reading even if you've never commented, I thank you all from the very bottom of my heart. For you, I would never give up. For you, I will never quit.

I thank StarCraft.Org, for being the birthplace of the story, for gathering the first voices to carry the series' name. I shall always think back fondly of that first shining year and all those that followed in Bane's first home. May we all meet again one day, and be a great community; a noisy, crowded, arguing, unruly second family once more.

I thank all my old buddies; chaos, menace, apoco, deadly, mage, banerules, larry, liveon4ever, nolar and all the rest for those 24-hour sprees of melee carnage, for the honor of fighting at your side for only the prize of glory. For all those nights you forgave me for leaving early to write.

Yellow, Nerroth, Deadly and Ead, for putting up with my hours upon hours of Bane-oriented ramblings, for all your advice and help, for waving my random periods of absent-ness, and for always being there when nobody else was. Thank you for being my friends.

Spartan_117 and scififreak90, for humbling me. For DeltaForce's and Ihatezerg's painfully blunt yet highly constructive critiques. And Doctorzetabyte, for your occasional two-page-long reviews.

BSTRhino, AJ, Neo and all the Org staff, for the time and headaches spent in a valiant and selfless effort to keep us all together, for all the countless hours of toil, lost sleep and sacrifice that no one knows or sees.

Now that I look back, really look back, I feel like a single cog in an immense clockwork woven over time. Without the help of so many, there would be no Bane. Everyone had a part to play, and all were significant to the whole. I look forward now to the third season of Bane with new eyes, with a greater appreciation of what it took to reach this point, and I hope to see some of you when we have this talk again at the next finale. To all these people, you have my undying gratitude. Thank you for reading. Thank you, for being part of the story.

*  *  *
Have something to say about the newest Bane installment? Use the comment system by clicking the "Comment" link below! Any and all feedback on the series is always greatly appreciated, thanks!


Has it been too long since the last time you read Bane? Want to read the newest installment, but can't remember what happened before it and don't have the time to reread? Then the Bane Summary page may be just what you're looking for!
At the link below, you'll find a short listing of all the major events that have come to pass in the second season, up to the begining of the newest chapter. Use it with caution: If you're more than one chapter behind, you risk exposion to spoiler information.
     Warning: Spoiler Content!    
     Warning: Spoiler Content!    


The Bane Series
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The Bane Series
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                                               Bane Creations                                         
Have you read all the chapters but you still have a Bane-craving that needs satisfying? Why not check out the Bane Creations Page? It's the only place where you can see the fans own unique twists on the Bane realm and, best of all, you are free to submit your own Bane-works and have them published here for all to see!

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