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     Melee Maps                                                                    
This is a map I use very often myself on It is, obviously, a money map, but hey-Money maps make the online starcraft world go round! It has accomodations for up to 8 combatants and features a spot for a secondary main behind each mineral patch, an improvement over the original fastest map.
More or less akin to your average fastest map, this one uses the nifty space platforms for terrain.
     Scenario Maps                                                                
Much like your average sunken defense map, this one offers the opportunity for multiple players to each run their own game. It's pretty handy if you're tired of losing the regular sunken maps because someone else slipped up.
     Map Submission                                                            
Yes, it's true. The Hive's current archive of maps is quite short. Do you have a map of your own that you would like to submit? Please send it as an email attachment to:
Everyone who submits a map is greatly appreciated and recieves full credit for their contribution. Thanks!

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