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Although it is somewhat short right now, the Hive's replay archive is back in action none the less! At the time of writing this, only exclusive replays are available for download, (By exclusive, I mean they were submitted by a Hive staff member). However, while we work to build a more extensive replay archive for your downloading pleasure, feel free to drop us a line at with your replay added as an attachment. Be sure to include your screen name so you recieve recognition for your contribution!
     Visitor Sumbitted Replays                                                               
Sorry, there are no visitor submitted replays in the archive at this time. Please check back later!
     The Hive Exclusive Replays                                                            
Submitter: deadfast
Recently, the amount of wins broke the 700 mark. Nothing special about the replay, but it holds value none the less.
Submitter: deadfast
Another 2v2 on the fastest map with my trusty ally Chaosridler. We kinda sucked in this game, but its funny how I kill the enemy with an endless stream of zerg warriors in the second half of the replay. Worth the watch, in my opinion.
Submitter: deadfast
This was originally intended to be a 3v3, but one of our allies got disconnected. Me and ol' Chaos still turn out alright though.

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