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     Home Tournements                                                                           
These are tournements held regularly by the Hive.

Weekly Battle Royal
Hosted by The Hive staff or a DMC clan member, this free for all melee game starts every Saturday at 10:30 pm Eastern time(on the US west server). No need to sign up-simply be on the channel devilmaycry at the above time and you're in. Winners are announced every week on The Hive's news table, see you there!

     Guest Tournements                                                                           

These are Tournements hosted by people just like you, and how to join them. For your convenience, other tournement-hosting sites are listed here as well.


Nuk?f's website offers Starcraft and Warcraft Tournements-complete with cash prizes.

     Tournement Submission Information                                           
If you would like the Hive to host your tournement, send the tournement name, game type, number of players, the dates of the game(s) and any other information you feel is important to me at
and I'll post the information here and create a news post for it. Html forms are gladly accepted.
The Hive also hosts links to tournement sites! Send in the web address to your site and a short description to the said email address. Picture logo's are also accepted, so long as they are of a reasonable size.

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