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Anatomy of a Hydralisk
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Anatomy of a Hydralisk
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The hydralisk, the Hive mascot and my inspiration to make this gigantic site, is feared among the Nomadic terrans, and even the proudest Protoss warriors cringe at the feet (or grooved spine) of this mighty advesary.
*The Hydralisk has the admirable ability to fire at both air and ground units with its needle spines.

Translation: FEAR ME!!

The Hydralisk is basically a beefed up super marine. It fires at land and air targets with a projectile weapon. But the marine does only 6 points of damage per shot, while the hydro does 10 from the start. The Hydralisk also has double the marines hit points-80! All this great advantage and you would think that one hydro would take 2 control apiece, but no (they only cost one), you can build masses of these powerful warriors.

The Side and Front profile of a hydralisk

Side and front view of a hydralisk
A work of art

Another detailed shot

The hydralisk has meduim armor, so it can withstand two blasts from a siege tank. It's chest cavity opens to reveal hundreds of razor sharp needle spines capable of ripping through flesh, plasma shielding, and even thick Neo steel armored hulls with relative ease. The Hydralisk uses special, muscle-like organs in its chest cavity to hydraulically propel the needle spines to incredible rates of speed(hench the name, Hydralisk). The hydralisk has incredible accuracy when firing a round of its needles.


Hydralisks don't have a pair of legs to run with like you humans, but they do hop along quite well with the help of thier augment (the tentacle thingy). Its clumsy, but hey! How well could you run with just one leg?

Great teamwork
Look at em go!

Hydralisks have an extreme sense of loyalty to thier own brethren- they fight along side each other and sometimes die to protect one another. Should you come along and foolishly harm one of the dros, the entire swarm will be knocking on your front door, blood-thristy for revenge!

One of the Hive's veiwers recently submitted this bit of information regarding the origin of the hydralisk's name. Here's what he found:

"Its name meant serpent lizard. Hyrda being the mythical beast hercules slew, and lisk, I suppose that means lizard because of the basalisk. Another definition for hydra was "A multifarious evil, or an evil having many sources; not to be overcome by a single effort" which would describe them perfectly as well."


Behold, my hydralisks assault a key resource base.

My Dros attack a key resource base

Here's a screen shot I found from Starcraft: Ghost. Not a very acurate depiction if you ask me.

A Screen shot from Starcraft: Ghost Console Game
The newest dro pic

This is obviously taken from the Starcraft Scinematics.

I found another Dro pic! Whoooo!
Reminds me of Bane

Another mysterious hydralisk pic sent by email. Its not that bad though,

The newest hydralisk picture
oooo, scary!

     Ever wondered how tall a hydralisk would be in real life? Consider this picture: I'm 6 foot 1 and this is basically what it would be like to look down at me from the eyes of a hydralisk; if hydralisks see in the same colors we do...


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