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Bane 20 Complete at Last! New Hive constructon underway! ~ May 28, 2012
Hello again, scarce Hive visitors! I betcha thought the immortal deadfast had finally bought the farm, didn't cha? No such luck, mortals! I'm back with a roaring vengence today, with the grand finale of the second season of Bane. It's been a long time in the making, but chapter 20: Hero's Burden is finally upon us with an earthshaking forty-seven pages of hydralisk awesome.
Aside from the long-overdue addition to the Bane, I've begun work on the Hive's new diggs. It's still a ways from being finished, but its a whole new facelift with a custom design and a quicker, more organized navigation system. As the site near's completion, I'll begin plugging it in to all the StarCraft community outlets I can get my filthy scythes on and hopefully get you guys some friends to play with around here. Check out the work so far and the new design for The Hive by clicking here!
Call To Arms ~ July 29, 2010
The long overdue day of destiny has come: StarCraft 2 has finally been released and we here at the Hive would like to know who's in on the action. Were you an old member of the bygone Clan DMC? Were you one of those who frequented the fields of with the immortal deadfast? Are you just bored? Use the comment link below to leave your screen name and let the multiplayer games roll!

The Particle Cannon ~ June 12, 2010
That's right folks, today we have a new affiliate with The Hive! Earlier this week, I was contacted by the good Ulrich on behalf of The Particle Cannon, a fledgling gaming forum where members can discuss both PC and console games, as well as a range of other topics. It's a rather extensive forum with plenty of potential, but they need some more members. Drop by The Particle Cannon today and discuss your favorite games. A link is also available on the Hive's affiliate's page.

Bane 18 complete! ~ January 02, 2010
That's right, Bane-fans! The long wait is over once again. The immortal deadfast here with the newest installment to your favorite fiction series, and let me begin by saying what a hoot it was to write this piece. Lot's of new things happening with plenty of good ole hydralisk-style action to smooth it over. Observant readers may notice that-hey, dead didn't take a year to write this one! And those readers would be correct. Clocking in at just over nine months, this chapter boasts the shortest production time of any season 2 chapters with all the length of the installments before it.
Now that Reece is an adult and Bane is back, the action's going to be heating up as the second season draws toward its inevitable conclusion. What's happening this time? Don't look here for more spoilers, check out all the action for yourself by visiting the Bane page! However, if it has been so long since the last time you read that you can't remember what happened, and you don't have the time to reread, the new Bane Summary page may be just what you're looking for. It's also available on the Bane page just below the comments section.
Also in the news, The Hive has been graced with a new page, the StarCraft 2 News page to be namely. Here, you'll find the latest StarCraft 2 information from around the web all brought to you in one place.

Bane 17 Complete! ~April 06 2009
That's right, Bane fans, the wait is finally over! Bane 17: Return of the Hero is finally complete and ready for viewing on the Bane page! This edition to the Bane series continues eight years after the events of the last chapter-but that's all I'm going to give away. You'll simply have to read to find out the rest! Unfortunately for those of you who enjoy short fics, this piece broke an all-time Bane length record, clocking in at 37 pages and 19,000 words-you may want to bring supplies to last you through! Many thanks go out to the continued and new readers of the series; without you, the Bane series simply wouldn't be! Anywhoo, my fingers are exausted from the lengthy proofreading and editing, thus I must cut this news clip short for now. Thank you for reading!

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