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     Starcraft Sites                                                                                      

Particle Cannon is a gaming forum where members can discuss both Console and PC games including, you guessed it, StarCraft.


The official site for all things blizzard, including Starcraft. You'll find the link to the Starcraft compendium here as well.


The Official Starcraft Mapsite, where you can find tons of new maps and scenarios to download.


"The Number One Source For All Things Starcraft". They have a huge archive of downloadable custom maps , strategies and a gigantic fanfiction archive to match. Did you know my fanfiction, The Bane Series, is featured there?

The Hive's newest Affiliate

Nuk?f's site features tournements with cash prizes.

The Fleet Beacon is Appleturtle's Website, although, construction seems to be at a standstill.

     Affiliate Sites                                                                                        

I dont know why, but here it is.

Bravenet is a great site for web builders, they provide most of the extra features on this site.Their services are highly recommended by the Hive.

The Web Ring Hub

Webring is a site, organized much like Yahoo, that features nothing but webrings for just about anything. You can create your own web ring, complete with a web ring hub for your site, or you can join an already established web ring.

!tzalist is a site that features a search engine and a starcraft web ring.

The Hive is part of the Banner Exchange Network. These are one of the many affiliates who help spread the Hive's logo around.

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