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That's right, cash prizes! Why? Because I've got nothing better to do with my money! Simply look below for the current contest details. There will always be a Hive contest, so if you don't win the first time, dont fret! Theres still a chance to win the next one.
Good Luck!

     Current Contest Question                                                                
Bane 16 is the turning point for season 2; On which starcraft planet will the next chapter take place?  
Email me your answer at the adress below:
Official Rules:
The official prize amount is 50 Bucks!
The winner WILL have to provide me with their mailing address to recieve their prize, but your privacy is of utmost importance to me; my copy of the winner's address is destroyed after the prize is sent. Because there are only so many starcraft planets on the list; sorry only one guess per contestant!  

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