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What is a game plan you ask? A game plan is the list of things you must do to make a race most efficient for its prupose-also known as build orders. There are many different types of game plans; ranging from the fastest way to rush your opponent with zealots to instructions for an a quick, airtight defense. Below are the game plans created by the Hive staff and ones submitted by visitors just like you. Enjoy!
1) Build Economy: Build enough gatherers to suit your needs.
2) Defense: Build some kind of defense to prevent a rush.
3) Expansion:(Void on the Fastest map) Your starting minerals are never enough, expand eary and often there after. Having a resource advantage over an enemy can be critical.
4)Upgrades and Infrastructure: Begin the Armor, weapon and Shield(if applicable) upgrades for the units you will be fighting with. Don't get an upgrade for a unit you're not going to use. At the same time, build up the supplies you will need for maximum control as well as the mutliple buildings you will need to build an army quickly(I.E. 12 starports and 12 factories)
5) Troop production: Begin building all the troops you want for the battle. Even if you think you may have enough, keep going until you max out.
6)Attack and reinforcement: Set all your troops to control groups and launch them at the enemy. While those troops are fighting, build reinforcements so you can attack again quickly if your first attack didn't do the trick.

With this list in mind, you may proceed to check out the plans below. They have all been tested and approved for efficiency and affectiveness.
Note: The Game Plan section of the Hive is currently under revamping. Until the upgrade is complete, only one game plan is available. It is an old, yet still affective build order that I still recommend today, but if you have your own build order that you would like to submit, please feel free to email me with it at Of course, all submitters are given public creditation for their work, and submissions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The Rush-Proof, 120 Hydralisk Attack.

Developed by: deadfast

Tested and approved by: deadfast

This works best with the Fastest map possible. Start by building drones until your psi limit is about 7/9 and then build two extractors and a new overlord. Next as soon as the extractor is finished, begin mining gas with one or two drones. Then build a spawning pool as soon as you have 200 minerals. As soon as the spawning pool finishes, you should just enough gas to mutate your hatchery into a lair. You may have enough minerals to build an additional hatchery as well. Also, build a Hydralisk den at this point. The hydralisk den should finish long before the lair, so begin building hydralisks. Remember: it is very important that you time each step just right, and make sure you have an overlord mutating in advance. When your lair is done, quickly select the lurker upgrade from the hydralisk den. When this finishes I ussually have about 8 or nine hydralisks. The second the upgrade finishes, mutate as many hydralisks as possible into lurkers and make them Control group 1. Set your remaining hydralisks to Control group 2. This is the moment of truth, If you completed the above steps fast enough, you should have just barely enough time to move your lurkers and hydralisks to the choke point before the computer rush arrives. This groups of lurkers and hydralisks can hold off amazing amounts of enemies.

When you reach this point, you are nearly home free. Next build up a whole new drone force. In total you will need at least 24 drones on minerals and 3 drones for each of three extractors. Next build two evolution chambers and a queens nest. select the first level of upgrades(projectile weapons and Carapace level 1), the hydralisk upgrades(speed and shooting distance) and the overlord movement upgrade. Then build hatchery next to hatchery with just a notch of space between rows. This little bit of space is very important because without it, the hatcheries in the middle wont produce larvae. when you have about two dozen hatcheries, make about 20 overlords; this will cover your supply expenses. Then use the Control-click method to select 12 larvae at a time make them control group one and mutate them into hydralisks. Then select a new 12 larvae and make them control 2 hydralisks. continue this process until you have all 10 control groups full. Go ahead and max out after this point for a little extra base defense. send about six overlords out ahead of your troops to spot for cloaked stuff. Then this next step is important: go to where the enemies minerals would be and send all 10 groups on a attack route there using the keyboard shortcut keys. The hydralisks will stampede in and attack on their own and all you have to do is move the overlords with them to spot for the cloaked units. I have found that this is most effective with at least 30 hatcheries. With that many, even if your first 120 is losing, you could make another 120 before the others get killed, providing a limitless supply of hydros. Usually, a set of 120 is more than enough to take out two or three computer bases. Practice this method and get the timing down pact, and you should have 120 hydralisks with level 3 armor and weapons in less than 12 minutes!

     Gameplan Submission                                                                      
Do you have a build order that you would like to submit? Send it in to the Hive at and it will be posted promptly, with due citation to the author.

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