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Welcome Newbies!

Newbies, and starcraft veterains alike all need some level of training. Get your Hive Degree for your choice race here, and become one of those pros you can never beat.
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Newbies: If this is your first time playing starcraft or if your just not very good at it, consider yourself a newbie.
Theres nothing wrong with being a newbie-it just means you dont know what you're doing yet. Although most people on battlenet dont like newbies, I do. When I was a newb, everyone i met on Battlenet was an asshole. Noone talked to me, no one would let me join a game- everybody hated the noob. I try not to be one of those stuck-ups that wont let you join a game or cusses you out because you didnt do good enough. Its wrong-you're learning and you cant help your skill level.
Training: It may sound all too familiar, but practice does make perfect. The campaign modes of starcraft are excelently designed to teach you the pros and cons of each unit, and how to use it. Work your way through the campaign modes-without cheating-and you'll be a much better player. Work on your speed and timing alot. Learn the tech tree so you can have required buildings ready ahead of time. Timing is everything, even the best starcraft players will be in trouble if they're delayed even a minute early in the game. I would just be repeating myself if i were to list all the tips and hints i know here, so if you want more, refer to the single and multiplayer pages, and the unit info and tech tree pages.
One-on-One training from the Hive
I enjoy training noobs, no matter how low the skill level. Indeed, the most affective way to teach is with the hands-on approach. Just telling someone with a few text paragraphs isnt good enough for some people. In this case, I am more than willing to personally train newbies on battlenet, at no charge. My pay is the satisfaction that a teacher gets when one of thier students excell above the rest, when one of the hopeless Noobies becomes a skilled and challenging apponent, and an even better ally.
If you would like to schedule a training appointment with the immortal deadfast, E-mail me below and I'll respond as soon as possible. As always with the Hive, No Application Will Be Refused! Your skill level, age, or Connection speed doesnt make a bit of difference to me. All i ask is that you are serious about becoming a pro at starcraft-To make it short: If you aren't going to try to improve, I wont help you. That one requirement, determination, is all you need to schedule a training appointment. If its a business day( Monday through Friday), ill get back to you within a day at the most, and probably have the appointment set the same night. Include your screenname with the email.
Schedule an appointment by Emailing me at

The Hive Graduates
The Hive Graduates have been trained to the top level, meaning they have learned everything i have to teach, and they must learn and achieve new succes on thier own. The Final test is a match against me. The passing condition is that you succesfully defeat me in a game, wether it be by trickery, skill, or sheer power. Below is an exculsive list of Individuals ive trained and they have passed thier final exams.
The Hive Congradulates the Following Individuals:
Congradulations SuicidalMenace!! 
Map type: Fastest map possible V2
Victory Description: It was a free for all between me, menace and chaos. Unknown to me, Menace had already attacked Chaos and weakened his defenses severly, then i attacked poor defensless Chaos. While i was wondering why chaos was so easy to kill, Menace Flew his carriers into my base the back way and destroyed my hydralisk den, stopping the endless numbers without a fight. It was trickery that won, but a win well earned nonetheless. Congradulations SuicidalMenace, you've passed the test.

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