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The Hive's Hall of Shame is a list of screen names of the players who have either Hacked in a game of starcraft, broken preset rules, or Back Stabbed thier own allies. You are free to submit a screen name to the Hall of Shame, but a replay is required for proof of thier crimes. Afterall, the Hall of Shame is a lowly place, and I wouldnt want to post an innocent player here.
If you have a player to add to the Hall of Shame, send in thier screen name, a description of thier lowly act, and a replay as proof to The Hive at:
     Hackers and Back-Stabbers                                                            
Altough I have no replay for proof, it wouldnt proove much anyway. It wasnt one minute into the comp stomp and the bser just started saying "Im gonna bs you!!" And I asked him if he was serious. He responded by turning his allied vision and ally off. I said, "you poor idiot" Because obviously I was going to destroy him for BSing. Unfornutately we never got the chance to match up because the comps killed him before I could. Ironically he had the gall to ask me for help later in the game. He said" Save me, deadfast, save me!" I says to him, "I would have gladly helped, know..heh heh" And with that he died at the hands of the computers. I would have saved and posted the replay, but since replays don't show text, it wouldn't prove anything. Any way, the player with battlenet ID
Is officially declared Scum of Battlenet, and his name is doomed to hang atop the hall of shame for all eternity.
On another unfortunate situation, I was backstabbed during another comp stomp. This time I had no idea of the bsers intentions becuase he gave no hint of them until after we had killed all the comps. He used gaurdians and devourers for his main strike force and i used my original 120 hydros. At the end of the last computer base, his guardians opened fire on my weakened hydro army(after all, i did most of the fighting, he just killed two out of 6 bases, leaving the rest up to me so my forces would be easier to beat) This is the lowest type of BSing, letting your ally do most of the fighting and then turn on them when they are least prepared. Because of this lowley act the player with screen name
Is forever doomed to shadow the hall of shame as the lowly scum of battlenet.
More Dirty Back Stabbers
On one occasion, Chaos joined a comp stomp and, before they even killed half the comps, his own ally sweeps through his base with gaurdians. For his cowardly crime, the play with the screen name
will always be known as the scum of battlenet
Note* Chaos got revenge later that same night using a friends screen name, excelent work, Chaos!
Recently Apoco was back stabbed by not one, but TWO bsing chumps in one game. For attemped back stabbing of apoco(they didn't successfully bs him, apoco killed em both. GJ!) the players with the screen names:
are herby sentenced to hang atop the wall of shame and declared scum of battle net!
Cruel Bastards
This was one of the most dispicable back stabbings that could possibly happen. This was supposed to be a 3v3 No rules, but as it turned out, poor ChaosRidler ended up facing them all. If onslaughts of zealots, dragoons, Darktemplar, and carriers from three players wasn't enough, (which I might add, chaos fought off valiantly with his own units and a few well aimed psionic storms), the zerg player pulls the deadly Muta-main attack with a full flock off mutalisks. Outnumbered and under-supplied, chaos inevitably met defeat. It is this lowely act that earned the following players a place high atop the wall of shame as the scum of





     Rule Breakers                                                                                      
Rule breakers are those who have violated preset rules in a game. For example, someone who attacks before the time limit is up in a no rush game, or a secret alliance in a free for all.
are both officially declared scum of battlenet for forming a secret alliance in a free for all game.

More Rule Breakers
This game started out as a 2vs2, no rush for 20 minutes. Me and Chaos were allies and the other two were on a team. But they had no intention of waiting the 20 minutes the NR rule required. The dirty rule breakers attacked Chaos when he was still building. But rule breakers dont win on my watch, and they perish in a hail of needle spine fire. None the less, both the players with the screen names:
are herby declared scum of battle net.

     Hall of Shame Submission Information                                        
To submit a screen name to the Hall of shame, send their screen name, a description of their lowly act(ie: bsing, rule breaking, hacking) to us at
Remember, a replay is required for proof of the crime!

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