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Here are the old news updates that the Hive has displayed in the past

Below is the hives archive of news that ive displayed in the past. If you missed a few articles or you just want to see a little information about the hive in the making, feel free to read from the news archive.

More Updates! The Hive welcomes another new staff member: Apocolypse! I've known apoco as long as ive known bnet so he will be a welcome addition to the staff. So far, he's added a new story to the fanfiction page. Thanks to appleturtle for adding a paragraph or two to round out the protoss handbook. The new information is based around protoss resource management and expansion. Also, as some of you may have noticed, I found a new Hydralisk pic. This one is a screenshot from the Starcraft:Ghost Console game. It should be released some time this summer for the gamecube, playstation 2, and the xbox. Because of my addiction to starcraft, ill probably buy Starcraft:Ghost, even though I'll probably hafta shoot some poor hydralisk to win :(
More Fanfiction! Due to appleturtle's recent submission, i have once again updated the Hive. I've added appleturtle's fanfic to the fanfic page. Also, a error was reported in the protoss handbook. Thanks for the report, turtle!
Thank You!! I have been getting so many emails and complements on the site, along with heaps of new clan members and some new ppl that signed up for boot camp. I've been getting more feedback in the past two weeks than I ever thought possible! And as you all know, I crave feedback. I would like nothing more than the opportunity to give back to the loyal viewers who have brought me so much. That's why I'm announcing the openening of a new page-The Contest page. Here I'll make up a starcraft based question and post it on the page. The viewers email me with thier responses and the first lucky visitor with the correct answer gets a Cash prize! That's right, cash! this is no fraud! Details and the official rules are on the Contest page. As well as the new page, I've finished the next story in the Bane series, entitled Bane 3: Noble Sacrafice. I hope the title doesn't give away too much. The ending is a good one that rivals that of the original Bane. Thank you all, and enjoy!! ________________________________________________________
Mega-Update! First and formost, let me thank all the loyal viewers who have continued to visit the site and send feedback! All your support is greatly appreciated and it really inspires me to work on the site! Anyway, I've spent three and a half crawling hours in front of my computer to bring you the next update. This is a whopper of an update including three (count em, three) new clan members added to the clan DMC page. Ive rearranged the fan fiction page so that there are seperate links for each story, making story selection easier and load time faster. I've also added three replays to the maps and replays section and im adressing the problem with the download links as i type this. ;) I've tacked up three new scum bags on the hall of shame, and there is a new Hive affiliate available in the Links and Affiliates page-The FleetBeacon, which is another Starcraft Site. Finally, we have a new staff member, Appleturtle is The Hive's newest staff member. Thats all for now, but I'm about half way finished with Bane:3 (fanfiction) and I've started a new campaign for the zerg that will hopefully become available soon. Thanks again for all your support! Please visit often for updates!
More New Stuff!! Hello my friends, I am glad to annouce some additions to the exsisting pages. I added a new story to the war stories page and the Maps and replays section will recieve several updates this week. As of today, (tuesday 20th) I've added another new replay. Tommorrow ill add a new map and a an entirely new starcraft movie! I got bored and added a new page-The troubleshooting page! Go there for Q and A on some common starcraft problems.
I Return! Now that christmas break is over and im forced back into my last semester of high school (i graduate this summer, Freedom!!) I'll have the oppportunity to update the site some more. Since ill have to sit in front of a computer for 2 hours monday through friday, i might as well do something productive. So please visit frequently for the new updates.
Im Back! Behold my children, my long silence is now broken! Actually, the teacher finnally turned the internet back on at my computer and i can now continue to update the site. I would use my home computer, but the comps at school have cable modems and are much faster at uploading the information i need. Some of you may have noticed that the amount of updates has dropped dramatically within the past few weeks-but this is no more! I can now update large amounts of information at a time again and you can expect lengthy upgrades every day now for a while. My thanks go out to the loyal viewers of the site that have continued to come and visit. Anyway, the new clan is doing a little better with the addition of a new member, phatcandy. I'll be online alot more at home as well thanks to my two new connections-if one stops working for a while i can fall back on the other one(a problem i had frequently was a connection would stop working for a length of time).


Happy Holidays! Wether your human or hydralisk alike, everyone loves the holidays! Here at the hive we'll be decking the halls in preparation for the holiday season to come. I'll try to come up with a christmas theme for the site with all convienient speed. I'll probably just bring up a picture of a hydro and slap a red santa cap on him, but if you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to drop me a line. Anyway, I've added a new replay or two and ive finished Menace's warstory in the warstories page-complete with action packed screenshots! Enjoy and have a happy holiday!

Flash: good news, ive finnally figured out how to take screen shots during a game( its that useless button next to f-12) And heres some proof. This is good news because now i can add pictures to help demonstrate things in the strategy and game plan section of the site! Check back for the new screen shots!

More New Pages! For some reason or another, i've been compelled to write fan fiction. It's probably inspired by the huge archive of fiction on; but who really knows what goes on in my head? Anyway, the fanfiction pages should be up and running soon. As always, All fiction sent to me will be posted without delay. Thanks and have a happy holiday!
Terran Handbook Finished: Its a little late but ive finnally finished the terran handbook. It would have been up earlier but the floppy disk i saved it on vanished, and i had to retype it! Nonetheless, ive kept my word and got it up as soon as the opportunity presented itself. The handbooks are a little short, but thats the good part-I'll keep adding information as it comes to me. If you feel like adding something to the Handbook pages (or any other page on this site for that matter) Just send it in to me at my email adress(its posted all over the site) and I'll post it up promptly. Thanks alot for all your support!
Protoss and Zerg Handbook complete! Although they are never truely complete, i have added a basis of information on which to build on. Both pages provide some helpfull information on the offensive and defensive properies of both the protoss and zerg. Ill finish the terran handbook soon and it will feature simular information. Ive also updated the site map to include these new pages. As a last note, i have found a new site to link to and the url is in the Links page. Thanks alot to Arch Mages home page for linking to the hive. They were even kind enough to paste up the Hives fancy logo.
New pages Under Construction! I'm announcing the construction of the handbook pages. Ive finished the Zerg handbook so far and soon ill start in the Terran handbook, followed by the Protoss handbook. This is good news for all those strategy fans out there-I'll finnally have a little strategy for each race. Also, i added the Hive to this banner exchange network so some of you may see my banner add out there somewhere. At the bottom of the page is an sample of what the banner will look like. Its not pretty but hey, its my first banner ad so give me a little credit. As always, im open to suggestions and strategies that anyone has to turn in for the handbooks. Simply check out the contact page for my email adress and send it in. I gaurentee postage of everything i get and ill always give credit to the individual that sends it in. Thanks again and keep checking back for the updates!
New pages Added! Ive finished the tech tree pages for the protoss, terran and zerg, complete with a few swiped pictures...heh heh heh. Email me and let me know what you think of the new information. I just finished the protoss tech tree recently and Menace should be finished with a new gameplan soon. Also, ive decided that the list of news on the home page is getting a little excesive. So, as some of you may have noticed, I've taken them away and moved them to the new news archive page on the site. If you missed some updates, or just want to read up on the Hives past development, feel free to check it out.

New Page Added! New to the Hive is the Unit Stats page. I just added it recently, complete with more hand-written information. This page dislays every unit with its hit points, shields (if appilicable), costs, starting armor level, and a little advice on how to counter attack that particular unit. Enjoy!
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BattleNet Trippin? Is it just me or has battle net been doing some crazy stuff lately? My replays wont work right, my hydros can run at lighting speed and menace faces off against a glitched up computer carrier with 9999 health! Somethings going on. It may be time for another patch. Has anything happened to you? Send it to the Hive or post it on the message board for all to see.
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Great News! Broodwar and Original walkthroughs complete! I've never typed so much about one single thing in all my life, but i finally finished the walkthroughs for both campaigns. It took longer than I originally thought because I forgot how to do some missions so i had to go back and redo them before i could write quality information about them. Enjoy!
Im about halfway done with the broodwar walkthrough now, and im slowly adding replays and maps to the map and replay page. I've added two new replays recently, and a new war story.
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New Flash: New Staff member assigned: Welcome SuicidalMenace to the Hive staff!
Old Flash: Original walkthough finished, and Broodwar walkthrough finnally started.
Old News: Now that things are coming up to par I've been spending time trying to wire the site into some web rings, and I've been contacting a few other starcraft sites and getting linked up. One of these is The Silent Destruction Clan home page. It's a large site with a pleasing design, and alot of content. You can visit it in the links page of this site.
Do you want to post your site here? Then send your site URL, name, and a short description to me at
Thanks for your support!
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Older News: The list of links is slowly growing. I've added a few things for the employees, and ive tacked on a handy guest book and this mailing list thing. It takes you to another web site for a second but when you finish it brings you back here. I think ill add a few chat rooms, and a message board. I added this affilaites page to show off all the services i use for the site. i'll think of more stuff over time, but the big project now is writing the walkthroughs for the Campaign modes.
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Oldest news:
With the exception of a few missing pictures, I finished the pages on the units for all three races. I also finished the contact pages, and the download maps and replays page. I still got alot to go so keep checking back for the new updates.

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