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Below you will find the Hive's archive of maps and replays. These were created and submited by visitors like you, or made by me or a staff member. They are free for your downloading pleasure so go ahead and try one or four or five.
Notice: Due to the recent StarCraft patches, the entire archive of game replays have become inoperable. While we are working to restore a new archive of quality replays, please feel free to send in your own account of epic battle as an attachment to with your name, the name of the replay and a short description.

     Maps and Scenarios                                                                          

Submitte: deadfast
Original author: TuxedoTemplar
Description: This is a starcraft movie. Set it to map settings to make it work right. Very funy, very creative use of the campaign editor. It works best in the multiplayer mode. This little guy is doomed from the start and you have your choice of ways he is to die. Have fun!

Fastest Possible Map Version 2

Submited by: deadfast
Original Creator: Unknown
Player Support: 8 players

This is a commonly used map on battlenet. i downloaded it from somebody else and ive been using it ever since. It is a hacked map, because the minerals are stacked on top of each other, but it has alot of good gameplay potential. After all, it is the map used in my legendary replay(which is the first one in the list of replays, titled the great one). It supports up to eight players.

Fastest Possible Green

Map Submitte: deadfast
Supports 8 players
This is the fastest green map. Its no different from the regular fastest map except that its green. But it is rumored that the computers fight harder when you use this map.

The small devide $$$

Coming Soon! Please check back on the next update!
Map submitte: deadfast
Original Creator: Blizzard Entertainment
Supports 2 players
Description: This was originally the small divide map from the starcraft game. I like it but it needed just a little more money for a bigger scale battle.

Builders and Fighters

Map Submitte: deadfast
Supports 4 players
Description: You need four people to make this one work right. You have a partner and you have to work as a team. One of you are confined to an area and must build the units. The other takes command of the units while you build more.

Sunken Defense

Submitte: deadfast
supports 6 players
Description: In this one, you gotta stop the demon forces from getting past your blockade. If even one escapes its game over for everyone. You need to have the maximum number of ppl play, otherwise it wont work right.

Mexicans crossing the border

Submitte: deadfast
Supports 7 players
description: This ones a funny one much like sunken defense, only with bunkers instead. There is plenty of humor in it, providing a break from the regular starcraft atmoshpere.

Custom Campaigns

Coming soon! Please check back on the next update!
Camaign Name:  Terrans Attack
Campaign Submitte: deadfast
Original Creator: deadfast
Number of maps in Campaign: 6
Description: This is a zerg campaign i made in my spare time. I just finished the last map. In this storyline, it is the terrans who start the trouble with the zerg this time. The Terrans have moved in to invade the infested zerg homeworld of char for its abundant resources. you play as the zerg, avoiding terran attacks at first, then striking back at the invaders after rebuilding the hive clusters. Its a pretty good set of maps if you're bored of the storyline in the single player missions.

Mission 1

In this mission, you start out being attacked by the terran invaders. You have been seperated from your cerebrate and you must now fight your way to it to re-establish your com-link with the overmind so you can take stock of the surprize attack, and be given new orders.

Mission 2

You have found the overmind, and he has informed you that your hive is the only one that remains from the Terran attack. And if you and your broods are to survive to avenge the invaders, you must escape the planet because the terrans have launched a bombardment of nuclear missles toward your location.

Mission 3

You have escaped with the overmind to the outlying moon, where you must begin a new hive cluster to assault the Terrans on char. Borrow some resources from the local protoss.

Mission 4

The Protoss arent happy with your recent mineral theft, and they will attemp to take everything back before you can attack the Terrans.

Mission 5

Now that you have a large reserve of resources, you can begin the attack on the Terrans strongholds. but first you must assualt the orbital platform that houses the Terran nuclear Silos if any attemp to reach the surface is to be made.

Mission 6

This is the last Mission in the Scenerio, in which you must retake Char from the Terran forces. This is the hardest mission in the campaign, so good luck!

Campaign Name: The kansar Instalation
Original Creator: deadfast
Submitte: deadfast
Number of maps: 5

You play as the Terrans in this Campaign. You have been reassigned to the Kansar' sector to help scour the area for the zerg presence.

Mission 1: The Entry

You have been reassigned to the Kansar Instalation to search for zerg infestation on the planet. You must now make an entry to the planet, and ascend to the surface. Use your elite fleet of Wraiths, Valkalrie Frigates, and Battle Cruisers to fight your way to the Atmoshpere.

Mission 2: The Rescue

You have made it safely to the planets surface, but research station 3 in your area has come under attack. You must move in and save the base and eliminate the Zerg threat in the area to be sure the colony will be secure.

Mission 3: The Comlink Station

Now that you have saved the primary station from destruction, you must now adress new problems at research station 3. Sensors indicate a large zerg presence closing on your comlink station. Protect the comlink and destroy the zerg threat or you'll lose contact with your fleets in orbit.

Getting Settled

This map has a more casual enviroment.  Its another none-building mission in which you will patrol the borders of the research station, keeping watch for any more zerg invasions. I was wrong and it is a little easier than i thought it would be, but its still alot of fun.

The Escape

This is a building map, but you arent required to destroy the zerg forces. Your only goal is to somehow survive the onslaught of zerg minions for 45 minutes unitl your fleet arrives. Its a tough one, good luck!


The Great One

Submitted by: deadfast

This is my greatest work, the great replay, the battle of the century, the ultimate struggle, the comeback of the ages! And im offering the rare honor and privelage of downloading it to you. It starts out as a normal comp stomp with me(my id on battlenet is deadfast), and my friends chaosridler, farmerjohn, and happysexinhell against four computers. I can beat four comps easily by myself so this one should have been very easy, but as time soon tells, it doesnt turn out that way. I wont give away anymore action, you'll have to see this incredible story for yourself. But if you really want to spoil the surpize, i tell the entire story(its in the war stories page) as it unfolds, and I even throw in a little of the dialouge that was said. Download and enjoy the suspense time and time again.

Girl got you again

Submitee: deadfast
Original creator: SuicidalMenace
Description: This is a couple of my friends playing a comp stomp, but Menace is talking to a girl on AIM and doesnt pay much attention to the game. They shoulda had me there, It wouldnt have happened on my watch. Pretty sad for how far they get.

As bad as it gets

Killer Zerg

Original Creator: deadfast
Description: This is a wierd one, it is supposed to be a replay of me taking on 7 comps at once on the fastest map, and it works ok when i watch it myself, but when i played it for my friends on battlenet it just showed me sitting there and then i die. Strange huh? I hope it works for you, its pretty good.

DMC Free for all

Free For All

Original Creator:deadfast
Description: This is a good one of a FFA game between me, SuicidalMenace, and ChaosRidler. With the exception of one battle its practically a handicap match. Who will win? you'll just hafta watch and see.

"The Back Stabber"

Submitte: deadfast
One night none of my friends were on, so i just created a 2 vs 6 comp and i let a random person join the game. Im the zerg in the right middle of the map, and my so called 'ally' was in the bottom middle of the map, and all the other comps were our enemies. It starts out as just another stomp to kill time until after we all kill all the comps. Then when we meet up at the end of the last computer base, my ally turns on me! This is a pretty good one, worth downloading.

Four way free for all

Four Free For All

Submitte: deadfast
Description: This was supposed to be a Free for all between me chaos and menace, but chaos brought an extra friend, so we just played one with him despite the Tournement. It a good one, on my terms anyway. Heh-heh, enjoy!

Terran Killers

Submitte: deadfast
Description: This is another stomp with me, chaos, and menace. The comps were terran and we used the fastest green map, so the terrans would fight harder.Its a pretty good one: poor Chaos doesnt fair so well in the begining and to boot, the map maxes out right in the middle of the game so me and menace are stuck with only half an army for the first assault!

Crazy, man

Submitte: Chaosridler
Description: This is a comp stomp with Chaos and Menace on a new map. The map is called stoners paradise, although i dont see why the map is named that. It is a good survival and comeback story, and it is quite possibly the longest replay ive ever seen. When you download and watch this one, you better have some rations and supplies with you, i guarrentee you'll be sitting in front of that computer for ages!


Submitte: deadfast
Description: This is a 2vs 2. Its unique because im playing my second game with a new clan member.

Menace Mows em down

Submitte: SuicidalMenace
Description: This an ffa between menace and three other ppl. Well, it was supposed to be a ffa but two of the players make a secret alliance and attack menace. Another good one, one of Menaces best, in fact.

Wad Crusher

Submitte: deadfast
Description: This was originally a 2vs 2but both the enemies left-so me and my ally decided to have a one on one, No rush for 20 minutes ( big mistake, this lets me build my army up to its strongest). I play against s)d-nelly, hes in the Silent destruction clan. He does ok, but alot of practice couldnt hurt. Keep training em S)d-smilz, they're still rusty.

Maxed 2vs2

Submitte: deadfast
Description: This is another 2vs 2 no rush for 20 minutes. My ally is protoss and im zerg against two protoss. Before my enemies can build interceptors for thier carriers, the map maxes out (probably because of my three big fat bases). This makes a great opportunity for my standing army to decimate some defensless basses.


Submitte: deadfast
Description: This is one that defines suicidalmenace's name, and why its good to have many bases. Thanks to ol menace i get away with a victory where i only saw defeat.

The Rule Breakers

Submitte: deadfast
Description: This was supposed to be a 2vs2, No rush for 20 minutes(heh heh) and Chaos was my ally. But our enemies had no intentions of waiting the 20 minutes. They break the rule and attack early. Its another classic.

Chaos Comes Close

Submitte: Guess who (deadfast)
Description: This was originally supposed to be another epic free for all between me chaos and menace. But menace had to go about 6 minutes into the game, so it turned out to be a one on one. Chaos nearly breaks my undefeated one on one record. In fact, He comes so close to winning at one point that even I think im dead. In the end a single plague spell saved my neck (see if you can spot it) My congrats Chaos, you nearly had me.

Chaos gets Bsed

Submitte: ChaosRidler
Description: This was supposed to be a comp stomp but the player ROAD_WORRIOR back stabbs him. ROAD_WORRIOR's name now hangs atop the hall of shame.

Chaos gets the Bser

Description: After he got bsed by ROAD_WORRIOR, chaos logged on with a friends screen name and got a chance to play another game with him that same night. He gives em a taste of his own medicine, heh heh.

Apocolypse gets bsed

Submitte: Appocolypse(sa)
Description: This is one were Apoco is bsed by TWO ppl in a comp stomp. Ol' apoco bounced right back though and showed em who's boss.
Good job!

Nightmarish Win

Submitte: KAH_killer

This was a good replay someone played aginst like 5 comps
and was sure they were going to lose, but he hangs in
there comes back- a see to believe replay.

Map and Replay Submission Information:

Do you have an epic replay of your own? Got a Map or Campaign you made and wanna show off?
Then Just submit it to the Hive! No map or replay will be refused! I'll post every one i get right here, with proper credit for the creator or submitee of course. To submit your replay or map, send it with a description with the map or replay sent as an attachment to my email adress:

I'll even email you and notify you when you're map or replay is posted!

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