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Having trouble with one particular thing? Can't get enough minerals to supply your Stargates? Is the enemy advancing and you can't do anything about it? Look through the list until you find a problem that matches yours-the corrosponding solution might just work for you.

Problem: Not enough minerals to support your army, or construction needs.
Solution: Build more expansion bases earlier. You must be actively gathering from at least two bases to fund a sizable army. Or if you already control substantial resources, add more Drones/probes/SVC's to your labor force. If your main is as close to the resources as possible, two gatherers for each mineral node and 4 per vespene ghyser will bring you maximum yeild. If you expand to a new base and you already have a large labor force in action, don't build more-wait until the resources you're currently gathering run out and move the workers to the new location. If you're using the fastest map, simply add a handful of workers at a time until you have enough minerals to keep up with your construction needs.
Problem: My supply keeps running out and it slows me down when I'm producing an army
Solution: If your using the Protoss and if your resources allow it, go ahead and build your entire suppy of pylons at once so you won't hafta worry about it for the rest of the game. But if you've been a little to free with your resources, build one at a time to accomodate your control needs When one pylon finishes, start another. If Terran, hot key an scv and have him build one supply depo after another until your supply maxes out. If Zerg, and your resources allow it, and if you have enough hatcheries, go ahead and build a dozen overlords or so and you won't hafta worry about it for a while, if ever. If you're low on cash, build one or two at a time as your forces grow.
Problem: It seems like the enemy can build much faster than me. How can I get more troops in a shorter period of time?
Solution: Mass production is accomplished with multiple training buildings(i.e. hatcheries, barracks, starports, gateways, robotics facilities) If your resources allow it, build more construction buildings in a tight space. Click each building and begin producing with all the buildings. If you are low on cash, Spread your resources out evenly between all of your buildings so each factory is still operating at once, thus the construction process isn't slowed by a sluggish economy. Five zealots queved up in a gateway won't be ready to fight nearly as fast as one zealot coming out of each of five gateways. It costs a little to get those buildings up, but it will go a long way in mass production and attacking and defending in numbers.
Problem: The enemy continues to attack and I can barely survive long enough to rebuild and repell the next attack.
Solution: Sometimes, the battle can boil down very close, and you may be struggling to keep your ground. Just keep going, one of you will eventually snap, and if you are persistant it just might be the other guy. keep producing more and more units to defend your base. If you have the minerals and the spare time in between attacks, try and build more construction buildings and defensive structures to aid production and help defend your base against the next attack. Whatever you do, don't panic and never give in! Try to make units that work well in teams, such as air fighters and cloakable units, you can use the air attackers to get rid of the detectors while your cloaked minions move in for the kill. If your enemy continuosly sends one type of unit to fight you, use your counter unit, such as zerglings and dragoons. Use everything at your disposal to gain an edge over your enemy.
Problem: The enemy continues to use cloaked foes to kill off my army/base defense.
Solution: Always get some detection going early. Cloaked foes can desimate your entire army without a fight if you're not careful. Mobile detectors are usually slower than your troops, so send them out in front of your attackers/defenders to spot for enemies early.
Problem: The enemy continues to attack with different varieties of troops, I dont know what to defend with next.
Solution: Have the tech tree buildings for all the units ready ahead of time so you can build any type of troop, should the dire need arise. Also, each race has a universal unit that works well against nearly every enemy. The ranged hydralisks, dragoons, and marines all make great support forces for your main amy, and they provide a good means of all-purpose defense. Also, spell casters can turn the tide of a battle single handedly; Don't underestimate the value of a well placed dark swarm, stasis cell, or erradiate.
Problem: Long ranged attacks keep claiming my stationary defense. How can I help prevent this?
Solution: Air units are one of the best counters for long range attackers. The longer ranged units (i.e. siege tanks, reavers, and guardians) are all suseptable to attacks from the air, so a balanced air and ground defense is your best chance. Just be prepared to take out some support forces that may be guarding the ranged attackers (i.e. supporting marines, dragoons, hydralisks, devourers, ect.)
Problem: I attack the enemy with a large army, but they always stop them with minimal troops and a few spell casters.
Solution: Sometimes the only way to fight fire is with fire. If your enemy defends with spells, unleash some spells of your own, or target the spell casters first when you attack or both. Keep your detectors close to spot for cloaked units-they are often the backup plan to spell casters.
Problem: The enemy continues to use the capitol ships(i.e. Carriers, Battlecruisers, and to a lesser extent, guardians and devourers) against me, how can I repel these attacks easily?
Solution: Capitol ships can be powerfull in numbers, but with the right troops they can be relatively easy to defeat. Use your races anti-air units like corsairs, devourers, and the valkalries to help repell air attacks. If you are outnumbered badly, target one unit at a time to minize your casualties. Casting spells on the slow capitol ships is also a gloriously effective way of ridding yourself of them. If you are left with nothing but ground units, lure the capitol ships into the bulk of your troops and target one unit at a time.
Problem: I suck at starcraft in general : (
Solution: Visit the the Hive and study every page. ; )
Problem: The enemy upgrades thier armor and attack values very quickly, how can I keep up?
Solution: Build multiple upgrade buildings, enough so you can upgrade each value at once (Ex. 4 armories, 3 evolution chambers, 2 cybernetics cores) Also, it helps to have all nessesary tech buildings ready ahead of time so you can upgrade one level after another without delay, until you're maxed.
Problem: I have a large army but I have trouble controlling them all at once when attacking and defending. How can I get them all moving?
Solution: Set all of your fighting units to control groups as soon as possible. This makes it much easier to attack and defend in large numbers.
Problem: What is a control group?
Solution: A control group is any variety of your units(up to twelve of them max) that are set to a number 1 through 0 on your keyboard. To set a group, simply select the wanted troops, hold control (the ctrl button below shift) and press any number 1-0. Now those same troops will be selected every time you hit that number.
Problem: I have a zerg enemy and they continue to use dark swarm to make thier units invulerable to my fighters. How can I affectively counter this?
Solution: Send some melee units(I.E. firebats, zealots, zerglings) in because dark swarm has no affect on melee units. It can actually turn to your advantage if you can get your units under the cloud as they will be invulnerable to the ranged attackers. If the enemy defenses are still too strong for a direct attack, use spell casters; dark swarm doesn't stop magic.
Problem: The enemy continues to attack with huge numbers of weak units, I dont have enough to keep up with them all. How can I affectively stop them?
Solution: There are specialty units in the game whose sole purpose is mass destruction. If they are using tons of ground units, use reavers, siege tanks or lurkers to take them out by the dozen. Support units also increase the affectiveness of this tactic as well.
Problem Submission Information: Do you have a problem with Starcraft that isn't listed above? Simply send me your problem via email and I'll get back to you promptly.
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