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A Hydralisk's Day
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A Hydralisk's Day

Author: deadfast
The dark moon hovered overhead like the overlords in constant patrol around my home Hive cluster. Behind me hundreds of beach-ball sized swelling eggs were brewing and growing into the creatures that were my brethren. The cerebrates mind and mine were as one, as with all zerg. It boomed on and on that a presence other than ourselves inhabited the planet, that it must die for us to live. The strange terran creatures had steel weapons and steel creatures that tore into my brethren with a merciless, mechanical fury. This made the cerebrate all the more restless. We were urged again and again into the Invaders presence to destroy them, only to be impaled or scourched or blown to gory pieces by thier mechanical beasts. And now it is time to fight again, to march boldly against the terrans and thier machines. The cerebrate cast its will forth and i became consumed by my own hunger for the soft terran flesh, i had urges to spring forth, to tear and mangle the machines and pull the soft creatures from inside and consume them while they still struggled in fear of our wrath. Then it happened-the urge was too much; i didnt notice all my brethren spring forth in unisun with my stride-i saw only the memory-image of the terrans that the cerebrate thrust forth into my mind. I didnt feel the charred, ragged landscape passing below me, or the limbs of the growing plant-things that I took full in the face as i passed through them-only the blind fury at the presence of the terrans only half a kilometer away. Then the first line of bunkers came into site. I stopped abruptly and gleefully opened my chest cavity to launch thick needles at the terrans. I was fullfilling my urge to kill, it was exhilerating! Many terrans fell before my wrath, screaming with pain and anguish as my needles injured them still further, until life was denied them and I consumed thier remains to add to my own strength. I slaughtered and maimed terrans by the dozens, until the terran machines interviened that is. The first row of "bunkers" as my cerebrate hailed them, had been destroyed and the tasty little creatures inside had been devoured greedily by the zergling or hydralisk closest to it. Then the cerebrate cast its will forth once again and once again we were off to ease the great emptyness that the need to consume and destroy created in me and my brethren by our cerebrate. Another line of bunkers appeared in the distance, but this time i did not boldly crush more "bunkers" and feast on the fierce little creatures inside. This time, the terran's machines spewed shells into the air high over the line of bunkers only to come crashing down again on my brethren with an explosion capable of ripping and destroying. I became furious with the loss of my brethren and I charged in to take the post of a hydralisk that had once been standing and fighting before me. Another shell was launched and it came down on a zergling that scurried in front of me. It exploded with an unreal blast of flames and plasma that scourched my carapace and blew small pieces out of the thick shell that protected me. But despite my pain i fought on. I fired again at the bunkers that held the terrans who shot out at us with weapons not unlike my own. I wailed out in pain and agony as the merciless terrans riddled my body with holes and suddenly another of those deadly shells flew hit the ground before me. my world blew up in a shower of gory carapace and splattered blood; from there the sounds of the battle grew faint and the sight of the line of bunkers grew dim. Then all was dark, silent and cold...
...But suddenly i could remotely feel my body again, and the sounds of my home hatchery came back to me. I was trapped inside a slimy bag-like thing. My synths stretched and grew, i could feel new muscles and tissue swelling and growing beneath my hardening carapace. The slimy sack that contained me grew small and crampt. Then finnally I outgrew my slimy prison and burst free into the moonlight as i have done a hundred times before. The cerebrates thoughts flooded my mind again and I couldnt help slobbering drool on the creep in hungry anticipation for my next encounter with the soft fleshy creatures called terrans...

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