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Hello Apple Turtle!

You have visited your Staff Page


Recent Assignments:
You currently have (2) new assignments
1) The units pages could use updating, could you come up with something to add about each unit. One or two facts per unit would be fine-but feel free to write up as much as you want!
2) Since i totally suck at html, could you make up an html form for the tourney page? Somehow, include a place for users to type thier screen name, thier time zone and thier email adress. Maybe an extra box for comments and questions wont hurt. Thanks! :)
Thats all for now, unless of course you want to make a change other than one listed here-you are free to make any suggestions or changes you think would make the site better.
Completed Assignments:
Fanfiction: 'His Story' complete!
Error reported on the Protoss handbook page!
Protoss resource management complete!
New tourney added!
Clan page updated!
New page, AMP, created!
Error reported on the Bane Series page!
AMP page updated!
No other assignments have been completed at this time.

Got any questions or suggestions? Completed an assignment and want to send it in? Simple send it in via email:
I'll add a message board to your page soon we can colaberate easier. Email works, its just a little slow.