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Welcome StealhFire!

Employee Log coming soon!
You currently have (2) new assignments:
1. The units page could use updating-its been awhile since anything was changed. Could you write up a good fact about each unit? One or two things per unit will be fine, but feel free to write as much as you want!
2. Take a look around the Hive. Is there anything you see that I don't? Is there somekind of glaring mistake somewhere? Also, anything suggestion you make will be taken into serious consideration: something, anything you would like to add or change to any page will probably be approved, unless my webserver is incapable of doing so (i.e.Adding a nice background image to the pages. I wish i could, but it wont let me :( ....lousy tripod...) Thanks!
You currently have (3) completed assignments:
Tournament html Form Complete!
Grammical Error reported and fixed on the Anatomy of a Hydralisk page!
Staff member change of name complete!
                   You have no other completed assignments at this time.
Finished an Assignment? Send her in!
Thanks again!

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