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Staff: Hafunui
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Welcome Hafunui!

Graphics Artist
Layout and Design specialist
Current Assignments:
Plague of the HTML
For months, I've been trying to create a simple html form for the tournements page with two fields for the Bnet ID and Email Address. Unfortunately, I don't know the first thing about writing html. I've had previous staff members try to make one for me and all have failed :(
Did you say Layout?
You've been saying that you would like to make the Hive a new layout. It would help to make it much more appealing to first time visiters. I would have tried alittle harder on the design but tripod's selection sucks, it was either this or polka dots. A new layout would be great; examples for color scemes would be those of, well, a Hive. The rich dark shades of brown and black would work good, maybe even a few dark shades of red too. Don't worry about this if you don't feel up to it, redesigning a website (the Hive has around 60 some pages) is a huge task to take on alone. (I'm going to start looking around for some better web site providers in hopes of finding one with more flexible appearance options. Tripod only allows you one color and one shape as a default for every page on the site :(
Any Ideas?
Remember, anything you suggest for the site will probably be put into action. Take a look around, anything at all you would like to add or change?
Completed Assignments:
New Logo
Thanks for the new logo to replace the running hydralisk one! Looks better every time I see it :D 
Got an Idea? Suggestions or questions? Completed assignments?
Email em all to

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