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     Starcraft Replays                                                           

This is a replay of Chaos and I in a No Rush battle on the fastest map. As the name implies, our opponents didn't exactly follow the preset rules for the game and rushed before the time was up. Behold the result.
This is a 2vs2 battle featuring Chaos and I in a no rules melee game. Our opponents try to rush chaos early and often before finally abmushing him with both their armies, leaving poor chaos's base in ruins and me to fend for the both of us. Behold, my skill with the blade...
     Replay Submission                                                       
While we work to restore a vast list of replays for your downloading pleasure, please feel free to send us your own valiant replay via email attachment to
All submitters all given full credit for their contribution. Please include a short description with your replay. Thanks!

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