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Welcome to the Bane Creations page! Originally inspired by Yellow13's Outtakes, this is the only place where you can show off your own unique take on the Bane realm, and see what other fans have created in honor, or in mockery, of the Bane series.
Creation Submission
To submit your own Bane creations to this page, please email me at with your work as an attachment. Please include your name or screen name and a short description. Your submissions are always welcome and greatly appreciated!
Disclaimer: Information found in the Bane Creations page does not reflect the actual storyline of the Bane series, or the official opinions of the author of the Bane Series. Documents may be edited to protect the rights of others, and to remove stuff like rediculous strings of exclaimation points at the end of a sentence, to help keep the pages readable and plagerism-free.
          The Bane Creations...                                                                  

Originally created to simply be a joke between yellow and I, these humorous stories are the inspiration for this page. They are a series of bloopers, written as If Bane were created as a movie.

Yellow's next batch of outtakes, warm and toasty from the microwave!

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